Welcome to Dragon World?

Westworld "Park 4" might confirm the wackiest Game of Thrones theory ever

The latest new Delos park is giving us GoT vibes, but what does it really mean?

Just when you thought Westworld couldn't get any more like Jurassic Park, here comes Dragon World! In a very brief scene in Westworld Season 3 Episode 2, "The Winter Line," a new, previously unknown park has been revealed. But what does this medieval land tell us about the future — or the past — of Westworld? And could we suddenly see a bunch of robot dragons or what?

We're tempted to scream that the robot dragon and all those medieval outfits in the Delos lab confirm one of the weirdest and most wonderful fan theories ever: that Game of Thrones is actually just another park on Westworld. Of course, that seems pretty unlikely, but there's definitely a reason we're seeing this now. Call it Chekhov's: You don't introduce a giant flying lizard robot in the first act if it's not going to eat someone in the finale.

Here are three ways that "Park 4" (we're calling it Dragon World) could change Westworld forever. Spoilers and speculation ahead.

As Stubbs and Bernard try to track down Maeve, they briefly find themselves in what Bernard calls "Park 4." Previously, the HBO series has never established the existence of this park, though it originates in the 1973 OG film Westworld and its sequel, Futureworld (1976.) Just like with the current show, in the old movies, the failure of Westworld itself, meant Medieval World was still up-and-running. (Spoiler alert: the 1973 Westworld is good. Futureworld? Not so much.)

So, the question is simple: Is Medieval World/Dragon World just an Easter egg? Or, does this mean something bigger? Here are three possible ways Park 4 could play out in this season of Westworld and beyond.

Will we see this dragon again?


3. Dragon World is just an Easter egg

It's very compelling to think that, like Shogun World before it, Dragon World will be a huge deal either this season or perhaps in a hypothetical Season 4, but there's one fundamental difference. In the finale of Season 1, when the existence of Shogun World was teased, the Delos parks were, on some level, still running. That's not really the case now. Even the action within the Delos parks in Season 3 (so far) is pretty meta. In Episode 2, we learned that "War World" isn't even "real," but instead, a virtual construct taking place in a miniature version of a faux-computer Matrix. Bernard even asks Stubbs why anything is still functional in Park 4, since it's not like any guests are coming in. Stubbs tells him that all the techs are just waiting to get laid-off.

That said, when we see that big robot dragon, two technicians are talking about selling it to a start-up in Costa Rica. Before the camera pans away, it seems like one of the guys is going to actually take a saw to the dragon in order to ship it out in pieces. So, will this robo-dragon end-up doing something later in the season in the "real world" or will it remain just a fun reference?

2. Dragon World could gesture at a bigger plot twist

We don't actually know how many parks exist on the Delos island. We know about Westworld, The Raj, Shogun World, and now, Dragon World. There have been hints of Roman World in the series, but right now, that is technically only a thing in the old films. So, at the moment, there are only four known parks.

  • Westworld
  • Shogun World
  • The Raj
  • Park 4 (Dragon World!)

But, what if the revelation of Dragon World indicates something larger? Maybe the whole thing of dropping a reference to "Park 4" isn't about Park 4, but, instead, a way to establish that there are several other parks we know nothing about.

In Episode 1, we got some mixed signals about the contemporary-ish war Caleb was fighting in prior to where we find him in the "present." But what if Caleb wasn't fighting in a real war at all, and instead, being observed by shrinks in another freaky Delos Park?

This isn't to say Caleb would need to be revealed as a secret Host, necessarily, but if Park 4 is still functioning, could other parks still be running, too? In Westworld Season 3 Episode 1, Charlotte Hale mentioned that there were several other assets in the Delos Parks. Maybe she's talking about something bigger than robot dragons? Could some bizarre "real world" simulation be running inside a secret Delos Park adjacent to Dragon World?

1. Dragon World could get its own story, complete with self-aware hosts... and dragons

Right now, the tone of Westworld Season 3 is totally focused on having everything impact the "real world." That said, the fantasy worlds of the Delos Parks are why this whole robot party is so much fun in the first place. If Park 4 has been operating adjacent to The Raj, Shogun World and Westworld, then it seems likely that figuring out what the hosts were like in Dragon World could get very interesting. If Dragon World is more than an Easter egg, it feels like something with amazing potential for either an entirely new season of Westworld or perhaps, a spin-off.

Think about how complete the landscape and rules of Westworld felt in Season 1 and then just apply that idea to a Medieval World, complete with its own hosts who also begin to question the nature of their existence. Who would the Dolores of Dragon World be? What would they want? Have any of the Hosts we've met before have been part of Dragon World before being reappropriated for Westworld? Will Dolores ride a dragon?

If Dragon World does become a bigger deal in Westworld Season 3 — or beyond — it could succeded where Game of Thrones ultimately failed. Give everyone a fantastic sword and dragon story that actually has an ending we can get behind.

Westworld wouldn't even need to do a Game of Thrones crossover to borrow any of those characters either. Instead, the hidden message of Dragon World could be much subtler; it could simply allow Westworld to subsume Game of Thrones, making the woes of Westeros just one more narrative cooked up by the deranged minds at Delos.

Westworld season 3 airs new episodes Sundays at 9 pm Eastern Time on HBO.

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