Westworld’s Future is Literally Being Auctioned Off

The HBO show’s costumes, props, and set pieces will be coming to fans’ homes.

James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld

With Fallout officially cleared for a second season, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy seem all-in on a new sci-fi world. That’s great for fans of the Amazon series, but for fans of the duo’s last collaboration, the ill-fated Westworld, chances of renewal are growing slim.

Westworld ran for four seasons on HBO, but was canceled shortly after its last season wrapped and was later booted from the streaming platform. Season 4 ended on a more or less satisfactory note, but both Nolan and Joy have expressed interest in finishing the story they started.

According to the creators, Westworld still needs one more season to wrap up the battle of wills between humans and hosts. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, however, Nolan suggested the story could continue in a different medium, like a graphic novel or even a movie. Either way, television production seems to be moving on for good, as Westworld’s costumes, props, and set pieces are about to be scattered to the winds.

Westworld’s life on HBO is officially over, but there’s a small chance it could continue elsewhere.


Heritage Auctions is hosting a massive Westworld auction. The event features more than 230 pieces from the series, including the blue dress worn by Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood). Ed Harris’ Man in Black costume is also for sale, along with the all-white Vitruvian Man that served as Westworld’s unofficial mascot.

It’s hard to see this as anything other than the final blow for the series, although it’s possible Westworld could return and recreate the costumes and sets it needs. Since a potential Season 5 wouldn’t even take place in the “real” world, focusing instead on a remade version of Westworld in the Valley Beyond, it’s possible returning characters would get updated looks. Still, there’s a sense of finality to this update. Even if Nolan and Joy get the chance to revisit Westworld, it may not be for a while, and it may not come in the form fans are hoping for.

As disappointing as this may be, the auction is teeming with all kinds of goodies and memorabilia, so fans have the chance to own a piece of the most cerebral sci-fi show around. Even if Westworld is officially dead, at least it can live on in your living room.

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