Fallout Season 2 Has Essentially Been Confirmed Already

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Watching a TV show without knowing if it’s up for renewal can be frustrating. Is it worth getting your hopes up for more adventures after the finale, or should you accept that you might be stuck with a cliffhanger ending forever? Not every show can be Andor and begin with a two-season order. Thankfully, it appears one of the most anticipated sci-fi shows of the year was renewed just days before its Season 1 release, so fans can watch worry-free.

While Prime Video hasn’t officially announced Fallout Season 2, Deadline reports that the state of California has revealed the series will take advantage of its tax credit program and film Season 2 in the state.

Fallout will co-star Walton Goggins as a nameless Ghoul.

Prime Video

While Fallout Season 1 is set in Los Angeles, production took place in New York, Utah, New Jersey, and even Namibia. Hopefully, Season 2 will shoot its post-apocalyptic LA in pre-apocalyptic LA. That said, California’s tax credit program is contingent on productions hitting certain deadlines, so filming locations could still change.

But for fans, what’s really important is that Fallout presumably won’t be a one-season wonder. Recent “prestige” video game adaptations, like Halo and The Last of Us, have survived into a second season, and now it appears Fallout will join them. The games are famous for their big, open-ended stories, so it’s nice to see the TV show will have access to the same epic scope.

Brotherhood of Steel member Maximus (Aaron Moten) will also be a major character.

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With Fallout boasting Westworld showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, and big-name stars like Ella Purnell, Kyle MacLachlan, and Walton Goggins, it’s not a surprise it would become a multi-season saga. Season 1 is already juggling multiple storylines following several main characters. But considering the entire season is being dropped at once instead of trickling out week by week, it’s good to know that Amazon believes Fallout has the radiation-mutated legs to stand on its own terms. We’ll see if fans share the sentiment soon.

Fallout premieres on Prime Video on April 11, 2024.

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