Andor Season 2’s Release Could Be “Half a Year” Away, Stellan Skarsgård Says

The Andor star confirms that production on Season 2 is almost done.

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Ever since Andor Season 2 was taken off Disney’s 2024 slate of TV shows, things have been all quiet on the Rebel front. Though Lucasfilm’s most acclaimed show was originally slated to return this year, delays following the historic 2023 Hollywood strikes caught up with Andor. The show’s production, which began filming all the way back in November 2022, was put on pause and only resumed in January 2024. Since then, the only update on its highly anticipated return was a December 2023 report from Gizmodo saying it could be pushed back to 2025.

But Andor star Stellan Skarsgård has just provided a very exciting update. In an interview with Inverse ahead of the release of Dune: Part Two, in which Skarsgård returns as the evil Baron Harkonnen, the actor reveals, “We are finishing [Andor] Season 2 now.”

With production on Andor’s sophomore season soon to be complete, the show could return even sooner than 2025. In fact, Skarsgård estimated, “It'll probably not be out for a half a year at least.”

Of course, these exciting updates must be taken with a very big grain of salt. Disney hasn’t yet confirmed a release date for Andor Season 2; this is just the guess of one actor in the show. And there’s still post-production and even reshoots to take into account, not to mention any fixes the team might have to make to what was shot when Andor controversially continued production through the writers’ strike. But this does narrow Andor’s release window to late 2024 and early 2025, which is a welcome development.

Could Andor Season 2 come as soon as fall or winter 2024? Maybe.


Andor Season 2 couldn’t come soon enough. Two years after its release, the acclaimed show from Rogue One co-writer Tony Gilroy still stands leagues above other Star Wars series. Its striking tale of political espionage and the dark realities of rebellion injected an electric sense of urgency into the Star Wars universe, and makes other shows like Ahsoka and the latest season of The Mandalorian feel like child’s play.

Much of Andor’s success can be attributed to the terrific writing and performances. Skarsgård, who plays undercover Rebel operative Luthen Rael, is one such performance, embodied by his all-time great Star Wars monologue in which he explains why he’s ready to give his life for the Rebellion. Could another watercooler-worthy monologue be in Luthen’s future in Season 2? Skarsgård was vague on what to expect from the character, but he teases, “I can tell you that Luthen Rael has some really good stuff in Season 2. And you'll enjoy seeing it.”

Andor Season 2 does not have a release date. Stellan Skarsgård will next appear in Dune: Part Two, hitting theaters March 1.

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