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WandaVision leak reveals it could premiere way sooner than expected

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Disney+ subscribers are really getting their money’s worth this fall, with The Mandalorian and WandaVision headed to the streaming service beginning next month. WandaVision debuted an official trailer with only a “coming soon” tag to the end. According to the Disney+ app, the series is slated to debut at any point between now and the end of December. However, it’s possible that WandaVision will premiere much sooner than we expected.

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It seems WandaVision’s release date may have been embedded in the source code of its its Disney+ page all along. Murphy’s Multiverse discovered the series is potentially scheduled for a November 27 premiere, the Friday after Thanksgiving and a month in advance of its speculated release date. In pre-Covid times, the series was originally set to debut in December, and the trailer offered no indication that window was going to change. There was little reason to hope it would arrive any earlier, considering the industry-wide delays.

Wanda and Vision are not living in reality.


If this report proves accurate, scheduling the show to drop during a holiday weekend is a smart move on Disney’s part. While TV viewership has seen an increase during the pandemic, Thanksgiving will see even more people at home looking for family-friendly entertainment. With Black Friday shopping events pared down due to Covid-19 guidelines, the chance for more eyeballs on WandaVision is much higher.

Murphy's Multiverse also points out that the Disney+ source code for WandaVision was updated on September 18, a couple of days before the official trailer was released. That can’t be a coincidence. The Mandalorian’s source code is currently set to October 30 (the confirmed release date), so that supports the idea of a November release for WandaVision.

Monica Rambeau is set to play an important role in 'WandaVision'.


With both shows premiering within a month of each other and dropping new episodes every Friday, there’s going to be some overlap through mid-December. That’s not a bad thing considering that each series belongs to a different franchise and Disney+ only has a handful of high-profile original shows at this stage.

WandaVision was one of many shows that halted production in March due to the pandemic. Unlike The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the series was very close to being done at that point, and filming reportedly resumed in July. With Black Widow on the back burner for now and Falcon and the Winter Soldier pushed back to 2021, WandaVision has suddenly become the most highly-anticipated Marvel project of the year.

WandaVision will premiere later this year on Disney+.

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