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Utopia Season 2 release date, trailer, plot, cast for the Amazon show

Everything we know about the next season of Amazon's gritty sci-fi hit, Utopia.

Elizabeth Morris/Amazon

What have you done to earn your place in this crowded world? That's the question John Cusack asks as his character Dr. Christie in the hit Amazon series Utopia about a group of comic book fans who learn there's a grand conspiracy hiding in their favorite graphic novel. The series is an American remake of a cult UK series from 2013 and is produced by Gone Girl and Sharp Objects author Gillian Flynn.

Perhaps now the question is: What have you done to earn Utopia Season 2?

Here's everything we know about Utopia Season 2, from plot details to a possible release date. Bookmark this page and check back as we'll update it regularly when we learn more about the season, including premiere dates, plot details, trailers, cast announcements, and more.

Spoilers for Utopia Season 1 ahead.

The Season 1 cast of 'Utopia' on Amazon Prime.Elizabeth Morris

When is the release date for Utopia Season 2?

There isn't a premiere date set for Season 2 of Utopia at the moment. With the show's first season having just premiered in late September, it is likely Amazon is still evaluating whether to greenlight a new season.

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Where can I watch the trailer for Utopia Season 2?

Given that the series has not yet received a Season 2 renewal, there is no available trailer.

Who is in the cast of Utopia Season 2?

At the moment, there is no new casting announcements for Season 2 of Utopia. It is possible and likely that if Season 2 is given the green light, most if not all of the principal cast of Season 1 will return. Those who survived, anyway.

John Cusack, Rainn Wilson, and Cory Michael Smith in 'Utopia.'Elizabeth Morris/Amazon

What happened at the end of Utopia Season 1?

A recap of the end of Utopia's first season can provide a speculative jumping point where things may lead next.

In short, our heroes all learned the truth of Dr. Kevin Christie's plans, which was — through fake vaccines — sterilize Earth's population for three generations, diminishing the world's population to conserve resources. In the end, our heroes thwarted Christie's plans, but only temporarily. Then end the season all split up, grouped like so:

  • Grant (Javon Walton) was arrested, having been framed for murder.
  • Dr. Christie has swayed Wilson (Desmin Borges) who tricks Becky (Ashleigh LaThrop) to ride with them, effectively making Becky kidnapped.
  • Ian (Dany Byrd) and Alice (Farrah Mackenzie), avoiding the police when Grant was found, run off together.
  • Arby (Christopher Denham) delivers Jessica Hyde (Sasha Lane) to Agent Katherine Milner (Sonja Sohn). Jessica learns Agent Milner isn't actually with Homeland Security, but is in fact Jessica's mother, who also detains Jessica Hyde in her "childhood" home. Jessica also learns that her father is alive.
  • Dr. Stearns (Rainn Wilson), riding away in his car, possesses the "mother egg," the last traces of the virus.
  • And Sam (Jessica Rothe) was killed off way earlier in the season, as a surprise stunner.
In the 'Utopia' Season 1 finale, Jessica Hyde (Sasha Lane) learned the true identity of her mother. We also learn that her father is still alive.Elizabeth Morris/Amazon

What's the plot of Utopia Season 2?

It's difficult to say where Utopia will go next. But in an interview with IndieWire, Gillian Flynn confirmed the series will move away from pandemic storylines, likely due to audience fatigue from a real pandemic like Covid-19.

“Personally, I like shows that move on and move forward in general,” Flynn said. “Aside from whether I want to deal with the current pandemic [in Season 2], I want the show to move on and go to different objectives.”

Utopia Season 1 is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.