Marvel's Most Cursed Movie Finally Gets Some Good News

Thunderbolts, assemble?

Marvel Comics

Thunderbolts has been looming over the MCU for years now. The movie, which is set to bring back antiheroes like Red Guardian, John Walker, and Bucky Barnes, already has a release date of July 25, 2025. On top of all the returning characters, it’s also rumored to be introducing Sentry, one of the MCU’s darkest and most powerful heroes.

Earlier this month, it looked like Thunderbolts was in trouble after a sudden departure from the cast. But it only took a few weeks for Marvel to bounce back, and we may already know the name of our new Sentry.

According to Deadline, Lewis Pullman is now in early talks to star in Thunderbolts, replacing Beef star Steven Yeun, who cited post-strike scheduling issues in his departure. The original casting would have reunited Yeun with Beef director Jeff Schreier and showrunner Lee Sung Jin, since Schreier is directing and Lee is rewriting Eric Pearson’s script.

Top Gun: Maverick’s Lewis Pullman is currently in talks to replace Steven Yeun in Thunderbolts.


Technically, Yeun’s role as Sentry was never official, but after Invincible showrunner Robert Kirkman let slip that Yeun was getting his costume fitted, the cat was out of the bag. So while Sentry’s name doesn’t appear anywhere in the report about Pullman joining the movie, it’s all but confirmed to be the mystery role.

In another positive development, there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between Yeun and Marvel, as the actor was seen chatting with Marvel bigshot Kevin Fiege at the Critic’s Choice Awards. Maybe he could even return to the MCU in a different role once his schedule is clear.

Lewis Pullman will supposedly take on the role of twisted hero Sentry, rumored to be the movie’s villain.

Marvel Comics

In the meantime, this is a good sign for Thunderbolts. Such a quick turnaround from Yeun’s departure means filming will continue as scheduled in March, and fans and creators won’t have to endure yet another delay.

Thunderbolts has already dealt with losing a release date, a writer, and now a star. Now, finally, everything seems to be on track. If it stays that way, we’re 18 months away from seeing a squad of villains and antiheroes — plus the infamous Sentry — take the MCU into the future.

Thunderbolts premieres in theaters July 25, 2025.

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