The Daniels Will Return to the Big Screen in 2026

What do you get the directors who did Everything?

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Everything Everywhere All At Once wasn’t just a smash hit, it was a sci-fi revolution. In the age of superheroes and space epics, it proved that multiverse stories could be simultaneously intimate and sweeping at once. The directors, Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, better known collectively as Daniels, rocketed to fame and took home a host of Oscars including Best Picture.

Now, nearly two years after laundry and taxes, the duo is coming back to cinema with a mystery project that only promises one thing: it’s going to be a big deal.

After the success of Everything Everywhere, Daniels signed a five-year first-look deal with Universal Pictures. On February 29, Universal added a new project to its release calendar: Untitled Event Film Directed By Daniels. The movie is the first project on the schedule to reach into 2026, but it being untitled is pretty common. Universal has both Untitled How to Train Your Dragon Movie and Untitled Jurassic World Event Film on its 2025 roster.

Daniels’ next movie after Everything Everywhere All At Once will be an even bigger event.


Unfortunately, that’s all the detail we have about the movie. But considering there’s no big Universal franchise attached, it will probably be another original screenplay, building on the creativity they showed in Everything Everywhere All At Once.

While Daniels’ next movie will come four years after their last one, they’re still booked and busy. The two are also accomplished television directors, and will direct episodes of the upcoming Jon Watts Star Wars series Skeleton Crew and direct and executive produce A24 and Showtime comedy pilot Mason, starring Nathan Min and Steven Yeun.

There may still be a lot to learn about this movie, but it will have a bigger initial impact than its predecessor. Everything Everywhere All At Once opened with a limited release before slowly opening wider as the appeal became clear. With Universal attached and the movie given the “Event” label worthy of a Best Picture winner follow-up, these two talented directors can burst onto the big screen the way Everything Everywhere All At Once clearly deserved to.

Untitled Event Film Directed By Daniels premieres June 11, 2024.

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