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The Boys comics could reveal how Stormfront will die in Season 2

Stormfront's fate is revealed in the comics. Here's how The Boys could adapt it onscreen.

Stormfront is a supervillain, that much is clear by the fourth episode of The Boys Season 2. She plays up her relatable and charming persona to peddle white supremacist ideology and it’s a big part of what makes her so terrifying. Her arrival also threatens the already-dangerous Homelander, whose leadership status is increasingly precarious. The two Supes often butt heads, and it’s possible that Stormfront will unseat him as leader of the Seven. If that happens, will Homelander take matters into his own hands?

Stormfront’s ultimate fate is still unclear, but the comic series may offer clues as to how her story will end in Season 2.

Possible spoilers ahead for The Boys Season 2. Also, there's some pretty disturbing comic book art ahead. Consider yourself warned.

Stormfront is unlike any of the other members of the Seven. She’s acerbic, does and says what she wants without fear of repercussion or PR backlash, and is unafraid of Vought or Homelander. In fact, she seems to relish in the feeling of superiority and the power she has over Homelander, who previously went unchallenged as leader of the Seven.

Stormfront seems pretty invulnerable right now, but will that last?

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In Season 2’s third episode, Stormfront reveals how brutal and twisted she can be, indiscriminately killing Black civilians while chasing down an Asian "supervillain" and then dropping a racist slur before killing him too. Episode 4 then confirmed that she previously went by the superhero name Liberty before disappearing in 1979 shortly after committing another hate crime. While Stormfront’s story has obviously been tweaked to benefit The Boys Season 2, she seems fairly invincible at this point. However, her comics backstory tells us otherwise.

Stormfront dies in the comics, but it doesn’t happen the way you might think. For some background, Stormfront (who is a man in the comics) is the original Supe and the former leader of Payback, a team of superpowered humans that preceded the Seven. He was created by the Nazis after they injected his mother with Compound V, the substance responsible for his powers.

As an adult, Stormfront is taken under the wing of Compound V creator Jonah Vogelbaum (Frederick Vought in the show). When he and Payback are sent to kill The Boys, Stormfront instead kills off every member of his own team first. He also manages to injure two of The Boys’ members before one of them kicks him in the crotch and then Billy Butcher takes the opportunity to bash Stormfront in the head. After that, The Boys beat Stormfront to death with the help of a Russian ex-superhero called Love Sausage.

The Seven aren’t even a factor, and it isn’t until after Stormfront’s death that Vought clones him to create Homelander.

The Boys beat Stormfront to death in the comics. Hughie is not amused.

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Of course, considering the changes made to Stormfront in the show, it’s doubtful her demise will be a carbon copy of the comics. Now that Stormfront is a full-fledged member of the Seven, it’s possible the corporate-owned Supes will battle her by the end of Season 2. The Boys are smart and all, but they’re currently not in a situation to beat any Supe, much less a menacing one like Stormfront.

That said, tensions are high between Stormfront and Homelander, and it’s possible their contentious relationship will reach a boiling point that will lead Homelander to strike the killing blow. Conversely, it’s also possible that Stormfront will carry on terrorizing others well into The Boys Season 3. It’s hard to tell what other twists are in store for Stormfront and which aspects of the comics will be adapted in Season 2 — and that might be for the best.

The Boys Season 2 is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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