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Does The Batman have a post-credits scene? Here’s what you need to know.

The Batman may or may not have an extra scene after the credits roll.

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The Batman does not hold back its punches. From the beginning to its heart-stopping third act, Matt Reeves’ new film offers a refreshing, if darker, take on the iconic DC superhero. Robert Pattinson broods as Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, as he helps Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), solve a string of murders in Gotham.

While there are plenty of riddles to solve in The Batman, there is one question we can answer: Does The Batman have a post-credits scene? Let’s uncover what to expect during the movie’s credits, and don’t fret — this entire article is spoiler-free.

Does The Batman have a post-credits scene?

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman.

Warner Bros.

Short answer: Not quite. There is no extra scene after the credits, but there is something. If you’re curious, you’ll want to stay until the very end.

Long answer: It’s always a gamble on whether DC will include a post-credits scene in their superhero movies. This is unlike Marvel, which consistently has at least one scene during or after its films’ credits.

The Batman doesn’t have a mid-credits scene, and the bonus clip at the very end of the credits is far from what we would usually expect. It isn’t a filmed scene that features characters onscreen. To describe it would be to spoil it, so please adjust your expectations accordingly for something different.

Does The Batman post-credits scene matter?

Robert Pattinson’s turn as the Batman sees him playing detective.

Warner Bros.

The Batman’s post-credits clip doesn’t matter in terms of what it means for a potential sequel. Matt Reeves confirmed that he has been in talks for The Batman 2, so it’s fair to expect the movie to tease what’s next for Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. However, the film’s ending aptly sets up the sequel, mostly eliminating the need for a credits scene to hint at Gotham’s future.

We can also argue that The Batman’s after-credits moment does matter as a fun bonus clip that gives the audience a chance to interact with the story after leaving the theater. You will need to pay attention to the screen because the clip is short and quick. Blink, and you’ll miss it.

However, don’t feel bad if, after three hours of The Batman, all you want to do is get up, stretch, and head outside. But if you don’t mind sitting for a few more minutes, you might enjoy the extra special feature waiting for you at the very end.

The Batman opens in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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