Double Trouble

The Batman casting news could reveal a shocking villain

Twin actors Charlie and Max Carver might be working for a surprise villain.

Batman will be seeing double very soon. Matt Reeves' The Batman recently added Teen Wolf stars Charlie and Max Carver to its ever-growing cast list. While it’s not likely the actors will be playing any major villains, they could very well be working with one. The twin brothers' casting could reveal a new and surprising villain is headed to Gotham City.

Speculative spoilers ahead for The Batman.

The A.V. Club confirms the Carver brothers have been cast in The Batman in undisclosed roles. The production has kept a number of things under wraps, and revealing the names of the twins' characters will spoil who they’re working for. However, we know there are only so many twins in the comics that relate to Batman and his rogues gallery, making it easier to deduce who they might be.

Min and Max are twin brothers who worked as Two-Face's henchman.


In the comics, Min and Max are identical twins who work as Two-Face’s henchmen. In fact, they originally appeared as Two-Face’s goons in Batman: The Animated Series. Min and Max were the first to join the villain’s henchman roster, primarily because they were already familiar with each other from Two-Face’s days as District Attorney Harvey Dent. The twins later appeared in the 2017 animated movie Batman and Harley Quinn.

While it’s not confirmed Two-Face will be in The Batman, there’s a lot of speculation suggesting the unknown character, Gil Colson, is actually Two-Face. We know that he’s playing a district attorney in the film and, paired with the idea that The Batman may be adapting The Long Halloween storyline from the comics, it’s highly likely that the Carver twins might be playing Two-Face’s henchman after all.

With that in mind, there’s a (potentially slim) chance that Max and Charlie Carver will play Tweedledee and Tweedledum, aka Deever and Dumfrey Tweed. They're the Mad Hatter’s henchmen, named after the characters from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass. Unlike Min and Max, Mad Hatter’s henchmen — who are actually cousins and not twins — have appeared in the comics since 1943.

Or are they Mad Hatter's Tweedledee and Tweedledum?

DC Comics

It’s possible that the twins’ involvement in the film will introduce the Mad Hatter. While he hasn’t been confirmed to appear in The Batman, the villain does show up in Batman: The Long Halloween. If Matt Reeves is actually looking to adapt parts of that famous comic book storyline, then it’s possible to include Mad Hatter in some capacity. There are other sets of twins the Carvers could be playing — the Trigger Twins, who were part of the live-action Arrowverse's "Elseworlds" crossover or a version of the Wonder Twins, alien superheroes Zan and Jayna.

Given the nature of The Batman, however, the twins as henchman to known villains makes the most sense. What's more, it seems that the film is an amalgamation of several comic book storylines, so it's possible they could be playing either Min and Max or Tweedledee and Tweedledum, but for other villains like the Riddler or The Penguin. After all, the latter is known to hire henchman to do his dirty work. Either way, we probably won't know for sure until The Batman's draws closer.

The Batman hits theaters June 25, 2021.

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