Time travel?

New Tenet trailer may have revealed the movie's huge time travel twist

A few key lines from the new trailer, combined with quotes from its star, could reveal the plot of Christopher Nolan's new movie.

It's finally here! The new trailer for Tenet premiered on Thursday night inside Fortnite: Battle Royale, giving movie fans their most detailed look yet at the upcoming Christopher Nolan film. And it may have revealed the movie's big time travel twist in the process.

The trailer featured countless quick cuts overlayed with expositionary dialogue. Before Tenet's second trailer, all we knew was that the movie focused on a group of secret agents working to prevent World War III. We also knew there was some sort of time-based twist. Now, however, we know a lot more. Maybe.

Consider this exchange between the secret agent protagonist played by John David Washington and Robert Pattinson (who seems to be his accomplice):

"He can communicate with the future."
"Time travel?
"No, inversion."

Wait, what?

Immediately following this, Washington engages in some shooting practice. We see a bullet fly off a shelf and land inside his gun before being shot at a target.

"You're not shooting the bullet you're catching it," a woman says.

Finally, here's Washington speaking as himself after the premiere and hinting that the new Tenet trailer could be more revealing than you think:

"There were nuggets of information that I was surprised he was going to reveal."

"Time travel?"

Warner Bros.

It's still unclear what's happening, but combined with several moments in the trailer where characters and objects move in reverse, my best guess is that Tenet's mind-blowing concept is the ability for some individuals to experience life in reverse. Moving from our "future" towards our "past" would give you a pretty big advantage since you know what everyone else is about to do.

It could also explain what Washington meant when he said that Tenet features "a new style of fighting, a new style of combat." After all, what could be more different than two people engaged in hand to hand combat when one of them is experiencing time in reverse?

Confused? Me too. But if Tenet's big twist is that some characters are living their lives in reverse (sort of like Merlin in the King Arthur stories) then you heart it here first.

A scene set in an opera house, but everyone is asleep. Why?

Warner Bros.

Washington also confirmed that Tenet's globetrotting scenes were shot on location, and not in front of a green screen. The movie takes place in Estonia, Mumbai, the Amalfi coast, and other locations.

The trailer also reveals a scene where Washington and Pattinson's characters crash a commercial airplane into an airport (from the ground), which the actor seemed to suggest they actually did without any special effects.

Finally, it's worth noting that while the new Tenet trailer confirmed the movie will release in theaters, it didn't mention a release date. The film is tentatively scheduled for July 17, making it the first major theatrical movie premiere following the coronavirus shutdown. Whether Warner Bros. will stick to that date or delay it remains to be seen.

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