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Star Trek: Picard Season 2 may feature a killer TNG crossover, star hints

Could Worf fight Elnor?

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Romulans are really good at killing Klingons. Part of the backstory for Star Trek: The Next Generation dealt with the fact that the only people the Romulans hated more than the Federation were the Klingons. Worf's Klingon family was killed by Romulans, and in the TNG episode "The Enemy," Worf refused to donate blood to a Romulan. So, how would Worf feel about Jean-Luc Picard's new Romulan bestie, Elnor?

In a recent interview, Picard actor Evan Evagora — who plays Elnor — teased out his ideas for Star Trek: Picard Season 2, including the notion that he wants to see Worf and Elnor throw down. And in doing so, he also doubled-down on when this Trek series will start filming again.

Here's why Evagora's ideas are actually pretty viable for Season 2, and what the confirmation about filming tells us about when to expect new episodes of Picard to start dropping. Engage!

According to Trek Movie and the Pod Syndicate, Evan Evagora confirmed what Jonathan Frakes previously suggested: Star Trek: Picard Season 2 will start filming in January 2021. "Yeah, January we will be filming. I don’t know if they have posted the date. All I know is everyone’s saying January, January, January. So we’ll start season two there and in my opinion, it cannot come quicker. I’m so excited, not just to get back to work, but to get back to the motley crew and hang out with everyone… in California."

Evan Evagora as Elnor in Season 1 of 'Picard.'


So when is the Picard Season 2 release date?

Although CBS has not made an official confirmation — like they already did with Discovery Season 4 — it still feels pretty likely that Picard Season 2 will start filming in and around Los Angeles in January 2021. Producer Akiva Goldsman previously confirmed that most of the scripts are basically done. Assuming the show doesn't get shut down for Covid issues and everything goes smoothly, this seems to imply we could be getting Picard Season 2 in the fall of 2021.

Just to put things in perspective, Discovery Season 3 finished filming in February 2020 and released in October 2020. If Picard Season 2 films through March 2021, it might come out in November 2021.

Which will come first, Discovery Season 4 or Picard Season 2?

Because Discovery Season 4 began filming in November 2020, it feels pretty clear that it will be the next live-action Trek to debut in 2021. But when?

Well, if filming on Discovery Season 4 wraps sometime in January (which is possible), we could get that new season as early as March or April 2021. This could mean, that just like 2020, we could have back-to-back Trek series hitting streaming. Keep in mind that CBS All Access is also slated to be rebranded as Paramount+, so it's possible that Discovery Season 4 could be part of that relaunch.

Worf with this sick ax we haven't seen since The Next Generation, Season 2.


Is Worf in Picard Season 2?

There has actually been zero confirmation about any returning stars from The Next Generation appearing on Picard, though LeVar Burton has heavily hinted that Geordi could return. Evagora's new interview mentions that he wants to see Geordi, but also have Elnor "spar with Worf." Now, Evagora probably doesn't have a lot of influence on the scripts for Picard Season 2, but it is an excellent idea.

In TNG, Worf frequently taught combat and calisthenics classes on the Enterprise. Meaning, if Worf did return for Picard, you could imagine a situation in which Worf wants to see what Elnor is made of. Then again, Worf is now significantly older than Elnor, so if this young Romulan wants to sword fight with him, it might take a little bit to convince Worf to pick up the old Bat'leth. Keep in mind, Elnor is part of the elite Qowat Milat, a group of warrior nuns who bind themselves to a lost cause. In practice, that's meant that Elnor cuts people's heads off if they try to kill Picard.

The good news is, as an honorable warrior, Elnor always gives people a warning before he starts chopping: "Choose to live." So if he and Worf do get into it, it's gotta be a friendly fight. Then again, considering the most famous Klingon catchphrase is, "It is a good day to die!" maybe these two never should meet.

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 does not have a release date, yet.

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