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Is 'Sonic the Hedgehog 2' happening? Everything we know about the sequel

'Sonic the Hedgehog' surprised us all with a fun-filled adventure that was a box office success. Does that mean Paramount Pictures will develop a sequel?

Sonic the Hedgehog blasted past box office expectations despite some drama about the title character's initial design, collecting $113 million in gold coins globally over its opening weekend — even though we wouldn't consider Sonic a Valentine's Day movie.

In our review, we called it the best superhero movie of 2020 thanks to its wholesome friendship between this goofy little inter-dimensional speedster and James Marsden's friendly cop, plus Jim Carrey's classic comedic performance. Sonic works because it's simple, stunning, and just uncomplicated enough to be a fun time at the movies.

So what's the deal with Sonic the Hedgehog 2? Can a sequel realistically happen? What might the release date be? Here's everything we know, plus a fair amount of speculation.

Sonic now has friends and a sense of purpose, so what's next?Paramount Pictures

What is the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 release date?

Paramount Pictures has yet to confirm any kind of sequel for Sonic the Hedgehog, but considering the fact that it earned more than its entire budget from only opening weekend box office sales, it feels inevitable that we'll get a sequel — especially when you realize it was the biggest opening for a video game-based film ever.

Paramount acquired the rights to Sonic the character in 2017, and filming took place in September and October 2018 with an initial release date of November 2019. After fan backlash from the initial trailer caused Paramount to redesign Sonic's character model, the release date was changed to February 2020. If a sequel were ordered by Paramount, then it might take up to 2 years or more before it's released.

Therefore, the earliest release we might expect for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is early 2022, and that's a best-case scenario where the sequel is confirmed yesterday.

Sonic has a lot of hobbies.Paramount Pictures

How does Sonic the Hedgehog set up a sequel?

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Sonic the Hedgehog doesn't really explain Sonic's origin story that much or why he has super-speed, but he begins the movie as a child on an alien world where his caretaker is a talking owl named Longclaw. Sonic is sent to Earth after a tribe of echidnas attacks him. Most of the film focuses on his teenage years on Earth years later, chronicling his emerging conflict against Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who wants to harness Sonic's powers for his machines.

Using some golden rings that function as teleportation portals, Sonic is able to banish Dr. Robotnik to a distant, seemingly uncivilized planet full of giant mushrooms. With the help of Tom Wachowski (James Marsden), Sonic is also able to transform from a manic little alien into a global hero, and at the very end of the movie, Tom and his wife let Sonic move into their attic. They even let him keep his nunchucks and bean bag chair! At this point, he could use his powers to do all sorts of good for planet Earth, especially if Robotnik is somehow able to return.

It feels like a natural place to introduce more information about Sonic's origins in future installments, and sure enough, one post-credits scene hints at just that.

Dr. Robotnik gets an authentic throwback look in the post-credits scene.Paramount Pictures

How do the Sonic the Hedgehog post-credits scenes set up a sequel?

Sonic the Hedgehog has two key post-credits scenes that play after the main action of the film wraps up. In the first, we see that Dr. Robotnik is alive and well on Mushroom World, where he's carrying around the wreckage from his ship struggling to survive. As Sonic's primary villain from just about every single game and story, there's no doubt the character would return as an even more mad scientist in future installments.

The second post-credits scene sets up something even more fun.

A teleportation ring portal opens up on a hill overlooking the small town of Green Hills that Sonic and Tom live in, and we see Tails, the brilliant fox with a double-tail that allows him to fly like a tiny little helicopter. He can't reach Sonic's speeds, but he can fly! "If these readings are accurate, he’s here!" Tails says. "I hope I’m not too late!"

Based on the context, he has some kind of device that could detect Sonic's energy readings, which no doubt means that any potential sequel might just be Sonic & Knuckles.

Is there a trailer for Sonic 2?

Not even close — unless you choose to view that post-credits scene as a teaser for Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

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