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Solar Opposites Season 3 release date, plot, episodes, and Christmas special for the Hulu sci-fi cartoon

“It’s a mega season,” Justin Roiland tells Inverse. “We're never looking back.”

Solar Opposites Season 2 just arrived on Hulu, but if you’re a fan of the show there’s a decent chance you’ve already binged through all eight episodes. That means you’re probably wondering about the Solar Opposites Season 3 release date, where the plot might go, and whether we’re actually getting a Christmas special.

Look no further. We asked series co-creator Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan all about the sci-fi cartoon’s future. So here’s everything you need to know about Solar Opposites Season 3.

Is Solar Opposites renewed for Season 3?

Yes! The show was originally picked up by Hulu for two seasons and renewed for a third shortly after its 2020 premiere. However, as of now, Solar Opposites has not been renewed for Season 4 or beyond.

“We haven't been picked up for that,” Roiland tells Inverse, adding that he’d love to make “another 12” episodes of Solar Opposites if Hulu is interested.

When is the Solar Opposites Season 3 release date?


We don’t have a specific release date, but we can make an educated guess. The series premiered in May 2020 and returned for Season 2 roughly 10 months later in March 2021. At that rate, we could expect Solar Opposites Season 3 as early as January 2022.

Mike McMahan also tells Inverse that Season 3 is well into production. So there’s no reason to think Solar Opposites won’t continue to run on that same 10-month cycle.

“We're launching animatics,” McMahan says. “We're kind of at all the phases at once right now across the season, basically. So we're still in the thick of it.”

“We just launched Episode 7 to animatic,” Roiland clarifies, “and we've been seeing cleans on the first five. So we're deep into it.”

Is there a trailer for Solar Opposites Season 3?

Not yet. The Season 2 trailer dropped about a month before the release, so expect a similar schedule for Season 3. That means we could get a new Solar Opposites trailer as soon as December 2021.

How many episodes will Solar Opposites Season 3 have?

Each season so far has consisted of eight episodes total, but Season 3 will be extra long with 12 episodes total.

“It’s a mega season,” Roiland says. “We're never looking back.”

What’s the plot of Solar Opposites Season 3?

A scene from the Wall in Solar Opposites Season 2.Hulu

We don’t know much, and it’s hard to predict the plot of a show with very little connecting each episode beyond the basic premise. However, McMahan did give Inverse a preview of where Solar Opposites Season 3 is heading when it comes to the show’s popular subplot set within a wall-sized ant farm filled with miniaturized humans (aka, the Wall).

Here’s what you can expect from the Wall in Season 3, according to Mike McMahan:

“In retrospect, Season 2 feels like a lot of groundwork for where we go in Season 3. Season 3 is almost like Season 1 on whatever drug would plus it. It comes faster. We hit bigger notes with figuring out how to pay off bills that we created from the first season. It comes to a head.
“I'll tell you we come to a head with Tim and Sherry. Everything we're promising at the end of Season 2 you get in a way you don't expect in a really satisfying way in Season 3. It takes you into stories you didn't see coming. The Wall continues to be extremely important to us.”

Is there really a Solar Opposites Christmas episode special?


At the very end of Solar Opposites Season 2, we see what appears to be a teaser for an upcoming Christmas special. Considering how often the series delves into sarcasm and meta-comedy, you might assume this is just another joke. It’s not.

We really are getting a Solar Opposites Christmas special, and according to McMahan and Roiland, it might be the funniest thing they’ve ever created.

“It’s our best episode of the season and we have it done,” McMahan says. “We're gonna hold on to it until fucking Christmas.”

“It’s so funny dude,” Roiland adds. “They made the mistake of giving insane people the reigns for a Christmas special. It’s very funny. It’s my favorite episode from the season. It really is.”

“I got audio from the recording booth of Justin laughing so hard,” McMahan says. “He couldn't get through one line. And it's just the setup. Korvo's explaining the setup of the episode. And it's making Justin laugh so hard that he literally can't finish the line. It's very funny.”

The duo also expressed some surprise that people might not realize the Christmas special is real — and also a little regret at revealing it in the first place.

“So far, a lot of people are actually surprised that it's real,” Roiland says. “It makes me feel like, Shit, I wish we kept it a secret.”

“It says on the screen, ‘We’re really doing this,’ and people still don’t believe us,” McMahan adds. “They’re gonna be surprised.”

Solar Opposites is streaming now on Hulu.