Secret Invasion Theory Reveals a Huge Fantastic Four Tie

It’s time for a ‘60s flashback.

Marvel Comics
Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion has shown a lot of promise. It’s based on one of the most plot-twist-filled comic storylines, and the show’s central conceit means no one can be trusted. Anyone could be a Skrull, and the Skrulls we do know about could be up to anything.

However, we may know what the main villain is up to after only two episodes, and their plot could have huge implications for the MCU’s future.

One shot in the Secret Invasion trailer caused a bit of a stir, as it showed Gravik reaching out with a vine-like arm in some sort of battle. This led to comparisons to Groot’s powers, despite the character not being involved in the series.

The samples obtained by the Skrulls as seen in Secret Invasion.

Marvel Studios

But now there’s a tie-in, and a comic book clue to what could happen next. In Secret Invasion Episode 2, we see Gi’ah looking at a computer containing the DNA samples obtained by Gravik’s Skrull faction, including four big names: Groot, a Frost Beast, Cull Obsidian, and Extremis.

You all know and love Groot. As a refresher on the rest of them, Frost Beasts are the monstrous creatures from Jotunheim seen in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, Cull Obsidian is one of Thanos’ hench-children, and Extremis is the regenerating serum used in Iron Man 3.

The Fantastic Four fight the Super Skrull for the first time in Fantastic Four #18, published in September 1963.

Marvel Comics

But where is this going? Well, in Marvel Comics, the Fantastic Four battled a Super-Skrull sent by the Skrull Emperor to kill them. In a mirror match to end all mirror matches, the Skrull manages to capture the DNA of the Fantastic Four and adopt each of their powers. This Super-Skrull appeared multiple times in Marvel Comics, so an appearance in Secret Invasion via Gravik’s evil scheme makes perfect sense.

We still don’t know quite what that scheme is, but Gravik could definitely be planning to genetically engineer himself or someone else into an MCU-style Super-Skrull. If so, the franchise will have to answer a lot of questions. How does this affect the Fantastic Four and their upcoming entrance into the MCU? How did the Skrulls obtain all these samples? How will a Frost Beast’s powers manifest in him?

A Marvel Super-Skrull would have different powers and wouldn’t be directly connected to the Fantastic Four, but he’s too iconic to not square off against them at some point. And so, despite all the twists and turns in Secret Invasion, we may have a straightforward answer to one of the trailer’s most confusing parts. If so, more huge twists may lie ahead.

Secret Invasion is streaming on Disney+.

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