Secret Invasion Easter Egg Reveals a Huge Clue About X-Men in the MCU

Priscilla Fury hasn’t just been sitting at home this entire time.

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Secret Invasion

The introduction of Priscilla Fury in Secret Invasion seemed to come out of nowhere. Though we knew Nick Fury had a wife, we’d never actually seen her. Now, she’s one of the best — and most complicated — characters in the series, torn between her husband and her Skrull compatriots following Gravik.

But a closer look at Episode 4, as discovered by The Direct, reveals there’s more to her character than putting a personal touch on the Skrull invasion. She’s making moves of her own, which could bring the X-Men into the MCU once and for all.

Episode 4 brought Priscilla’s ethical dilemma front and center, but there was something exciting in the background, too: the framed book jacket for Decoding the “Superhuman” Gene, a book Priscilla wrote.

Priscilla Fury (neé Davis) has her book’s dust jacket framed.

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This book is first seen in Episode 3, but only in Episode 4 do we see the cover close enough to read it. Not only does the reference to the “superhuman gene” evoke mutants and the X-Men, but there’s an X-shaped light on the back cover, just in case the reference wasn’t obvious enough.

But while it’s clear there’s some mutant lore involved, we don’t know much else. Is this Skrull Priscilla’s work, or is this the work of Dr. Priscilla Davis, the dying woman that Varra the Skrull offered to replace and impersonate? Did this technology feed into the genetic manipulation that Gravik has been working on to turn him into a Super-Skrull?

We don’t know anything about the book’s specifics, but it’s clear that mutants are on the verge of being introduced into the MCU. It’s been in the cards for a while, from Evan Peters getting stunt cast as Quicksilver in WandaVision, to Ms. Marvel teasing their existence, and all those cameos in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This is just another addition to a growing pile of evidence that mutants are around the corner.

But within the confines of Secret Invasion, this may answer a major question: what’s Priscilla Fury been up to all this time while her husband is off saving the world? Apparently, doing some life-changing research of her own.

Secret Invasion is now streaming on Disney+.

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