Secret Invasion Has All-But-Confirmed a Gutwrenching Theory About an Early Avenger

Growing evidence suggests multiple characters have hidden loyalties.

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Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion has been all about trying to figure out what side of the fledgling Skrull rebellion every character is on. Nick Fury is captaining one team, while Gravik is leading the other. The loyalties of everyone else are in the air, including those our leads think they can trust to the bitter end.

Could two of the characters Nick Fury holds nearest and dearest actually be working against him? Growing evidence suggests Fury needs to brace himself for a huge betrayal. Ever since Episode 2’s tense discussion between James Rhodes and Fury, fans have wondered about Rhodes’ true identity. Rhodes abruptly turned against his old friend and fired him, which doesn’t seem like something he would do, but is something a radicalSkrull would do.

Could Rhodes’ tough love monologue be masking evil intent?

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Twitter user @lizbedumb noticed that Episode 3 reinforces the theory, despite Rhodes not appearing. When hunting down suspected mole Commodore Bob Fairbanks, Talos tells Fury, “Sorry, Nick. I was busy kicking Bob's ass.” Fury knows this means Talos is being held hostage, because no one calls him Nick.

It’s an interesting tidbit, especially when compared to the moment in Episode 2 when Rhodes tells Fury, “That’s what this moment right here, right now, is about, Nick.” If it’s true that no one ever calls him Nick, then Fury should be intensely suspicious of his erstwhile friend.

Priscilla may be open about her Skrull identity, but she’s hiding something else.

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And that’s not the only Skrull who could be causing Fury problems. Episode 3 revealed his wife, Priscilla Fury, to be a Skrull, and in the last moments of the episode we see her on the phone with a mysterious man, asking to speak to Gravik. It looks like Mrs. Fury is part of the enemy faction, although whether she’s betrayed Nick or been replaced by another Skrull remains to be seen. Either way, fans are speculating that the man on the phone is Rhodes himself.

Secret Invasion’s biggest theme is that absolutely no one can be trusted. Considering that even James Rhodes’ every word is being dissected, that approach has paid off, although whether this line is clever foreshadowing or just a continuity error is a reveal that will have to wait at least another week.

Secret Invasion is now streaming on Disney+.

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