Netflix Just Saved Max’s Most Underrated Sci-Fi Show From Oblivion

There may yet be hope for Scavengers Reign.

Azi (voiced by Wunmi Mosaku) in Scavengers Reign

Warner Bros. has become infamous for its dubious business decisions. From the films and shows the company has canceled — some before audiences even see them — to its scorched earth streaming strategy, it’s difficult to get attached to anything with the WB signature.

That’s especially true for Scavengers Reign, the remarkable but underseen sci-fi series that premiered on Max in late 2023. Scavengers Reign was widely regarded as one of the year’s best shows, and one of many projects that heralded a golden age for indie animation. Unfortunately, the series was canceled on May 10... but that development has a silver lining.

Per Variety, Scavengers Reign will remain on Max (a rare concession for WB’s canceled shows), but its first season will also stream on Netflix. The rival streamer is reportedly interested in picking up the show for more seasons, but continuation is contingent on Scavengers’ success on the platform.

A second season of Scavengers Reign isn’t greenlit yet, but it has a better chance of survival on Netflix.


“We are beyond thrilled that Scavengers Reign will be joining the incredible animation lineup on Netflix,” said a joint statement from series creators Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner, and producers at Green Street Pictures. “We’re immensely grateful to everyone who has watched the show already and to Netflix for giving it an opportunity to be discovered by a wider audience.”

Given Netflix’s growing interest in adult animation, the streamer might be an ideal destination. Scavengers Reign follows the crew of a deep space freighter after they crash on a hostile alien planet. Across 12 episodes, the crew works to find their way back to their ship, and survive a world trying to annihilate them. The series doesn’t shy away from dark themes, so it should feel at home alongside Netflix originals like Blue Eyed Samurai.

Whether Netflix chooses to continue the story laid out in Season 1 remains to be seen. Like a handful of hidden gems ferried from Max to Netflix, Scavengers Reign has the chance to be discovered by a bigger audience, which could justify a renewal. It’s not an ideal scenario, but given the current nature of streaming, any chance of survival will be welcome.

Scavengers Reign is streaming on Max.

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