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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will arrive sooner than you think, costume designer reveals

The next few years are going to be jam-packed for Patty Jenkins.

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DC fans will have to wait longer than they thought for Wonder Woman 3. Patty Jenkins will return to direct the highly-anticipated superhero film, following her work on 2017’s Wonder Woman and last year’s Wonder Woman 1984. The director is also set to helm Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for Lucasfilm, and it looks like Jenkins is going to a galaxy far, far away before she ventures back to the DCEU.

Costume designer Lindy Hemming — who worked on both of Jenkins' Wonder Woman films — recently confirmed that Jenkins will be directing Rogue Squadron before Wonder Woman 3. Hemmings’ comments came during an interview with ComicBookMovie, where she said that Jenkins has a “minimum of two years ahead” of her working on Rogue Squadron, before adding that there will then be “plenty of time to think about” the next Wonder Woman film.

What This Means for the next Star Wars movie

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Hemming’s comments are in line with what we’ve heard about Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. As of now, Disney has it slated for a December 22, 2023 release, which gives Jenkins nearly three full years of time to finish prepping the film, shoot it, and complete post-production on it between now and then.

It’s likely Warner Bros. will work off-and-on with Jenkins to develop Wonder Woman 3 while she works on Rogue Squadron. If so, that should give the director the ability to move pretty seamlessly onto Wonder Woman 3 once Rogue Squadron has been completed.

There is also the chance that — assuming production goes fairly smoothly on Rogue Squadron — Jenkins could finish post-production on that film early and already be preparing to start shooting Wonder Woman 3 by the time Rogue Squadron hits theaters...

... Or streaming services, depending on what the world is like in 2023.

The Inverse Analysis — It’s only been a few weeks since both Rogue Squadron and Wonder Woman 3 were announced, which means very little has been released about either project. Jenkins did say earlier this month that the script treatment for Rogue Squadron is nearly complete, so hopefully, some announcements about the film will be made within the next few months (including who is writing the screenplay with Jenkins). But when it comes to Wonder Woman 3, DC fans may have a long wait ahead of them before they learn anything new about the project.

No matter how Jenkins ends up balancing work on the two high-profile projects though, there’s no denying that she’s got a very busy few years ahead of her.

The next Star Wars movie flies into theaters on December 22, 2023.

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