Ready or Not is Getting a Sequel, Even Though Everyone Exploded

Are you ready? Again?

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Every so often, an original thriller offers an intriguing premise, a shocking ending, or some other touch that makes it a perfect gem. In recent years, we’ve seen Midsommar, Get Out, and The Menu, just to name a few. There’s only one problem with these movies: it’s hard to revisit their stories in a sequel, because the endings tend to be definitive. Now, however, a great thriller is getting a follow-up, despite the tall storytelling task ahead of it.

According to insider Jeff Sneider, a sequel to the 2019 horror thriller Ready or Not is officially happening. Samara Weaving will return, but since its original directors, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, are busy with Scream 7, Escape Room director Adam Robitel will helm the sequel.

“What happened?”


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There aren’t many details about what the sequel will cover, but it’s a difficult story to revisit. Ready or Not followed Grace, a young woman marrying into a rich and mysterious family, only to become prey in a ritual game of deadly hide-and-seek. The movie ended with most of the family dead at Grace’s hand, and the surviving members exploded thanks to a Satanist curse.

Grace was a genuine final girl, so how could a sequel follow up the story? Will Grace fall for another man who’s also secretly a member of a wealthy, Satan-worshipping family? Is there some forgotten cousin who couldn’t make it to Grace’s wedding and will seek revenge?

With everyone seen here either slain or exploded, where does the story go?

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The most plausible option is that the sequel will star another woman caught in the same situation who turns to Grace for assistance, much like Sidney Prescott’s role in the later Scream movies. Grace is too battle-worn to fall for the same old tricks again, but if there’s one cursed Satanist family out there, then there are probably more of ‘em hiding in the woodwork.

Ready or Not 2 sounds like an impossible movie, but Ready or Not made almost 10 times its budget at the box office. For those kinds of returns, Hollywood will attempt the impossible, no matter what evil entity it has to make a pact with.

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