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Pieces of Her Season 2 needs to borrow a clever trick from Bridgerton

Could Season 2 shift focus completely?

Pieces of Her is a smash success, but that’s no surprise. The Netflix series, starring Toni Collette, has everything going for it, with viewers now clamoring for a Season 2. It’s rare for an adaptation of a standalone book to go beyond one season, but showrunner Charlotte Stoudt told The Hollywood Reporter that while Pieces of Her began as a limited series, there’s still room for more.

But what more could be said about the saga of Laura Oliver and her daughter Andy? The answer may not be with them but with a supporting player in the vast conspiracy that surrounded their life. Major spoilers for Pieces of Her Season 1 ahead.

Young Jane looks on at Grace Juno reaching for the gun in Pieces of Her.


Season 1 of Pieces of Her ended with the shocking reveal that Laura — in her previous life as Jane — arranged for her father’s death in Oslo after he threatened to terminate her pregnancy. Andy discovers this in the last few moments of the first season. So many fans believe Season 2 will cover the fallout of this discovery between Andy and her mother as well as the budding relationship between Andy and the Marshal, Mike Vargas.

But what if the next season borrowed from another Netflix hit Bridgerton and devoted its second season to another character entirely? Someone like Grace Juno, the woman who ultimately pulled the trigger and killed Martin Queller.

Pieces of Her was always a show about secrets being hidden from loved ones, but now all the major secrets between Andy and her mom are out in the open. Grace’s life and the tragedy that drove her to commit a horrific act are the backstory Pieces of Her needs to develop further. It would allow the show to expand its scope while still continuing the narrative threads the first season laid out for viewers.

What’s more, Pieces of Her has always been a multi-faceted story, bouncing from the past to the present and back again. A focus on Grace Juno, who killed herself shortly after she killed Martin Queller, could bounce from the past to further in the past.

A Season 2 focused on Grace Juno could reveal more of the public life of Martin Queller.


This doesn’t mean Season 2 would be completely bereft of Toni Collette’s magnificent performance — it’s hard to imagine this show without Laura and Andy — but after all they’ve been through, another season of trauma and secrets almost seems cruel. Letting another character take the spotlight would allow these characters to move on from their trauma, while still fleshing out more of their past.

Netflix hasn’t announced Pieces of Her Season 2 yet, but if it gets renewed, it’s important to avoid the tempting trap of just rehashing Season 1. The enticing thing about a thriller series is its constant ability to twist and turn. And that won’t happen if Season 2 hits the same points as Season 1 all over again.

Pieces of Her is now streaming on Netflix.

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