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Moon Knight vs Deadpool: Why Marvel fans think a Ryan Reynolds cameo might happen

Will Moon Knight bring Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth into the MCU?

There aren’t many Marvel Comics characters like Marc Spector a.k.a. Moon Knight. A trained mercenary who not only has dissociative identity disorder but also wields supernatural powers that were gifted to him by the Egyptian god of the Moon, he’s zanier and darker than many Marvel characters, and is prone to dealing out much more brutal beatdowns on his enemies than is common practice for superheroes.

For those reasons, Moon Knight has frequently been compared to Batman. However, Batman isn’t the only character Moon Knight shares some key qualities with. There’s also Deadpool, who has a propensity for matching Marc Spector’s brutality and constantly operates in a similarly wacky — if psychologically different — mood.

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Unsurprisingly, those similarities have resulted in Moon Knight and Deadpool crossing paths in the comics, and some fans believe the two characters could share the screen together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe too.

Introducing Mr. Knight.

Marvel Studios

Moon Knight vs. the Merc with a Mouth — In the comics, Deadpool and Moon Knight famously faced off in 2010’s Vengeance of the Moon Knight Vol. 1 #8.

The fight went handily to Moon Knight, who used Deadpool’s healing abilities as an excuse to be as brutal as he wanted to the Merc with a Mouth. Beyond the fight’s outcome, their confrontation proved not only how electric Wade Wilson and Marc Spector can be when they cross paths, but also how easily the two can match each other’s more eccentric impulses.

Now, with Moon Knight currently airing on Disney+, Marvel has officially brought Marc Spector into the MCU. As a result, Marvel fans are asking when Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool will follow Marc Spector’s lead and become an official member of Hollywood’s biggest entertainment franchise.

Ryan Reynolds suited up as Wade Wilson in 2016’s Deadpool.

20th Century Fox

Deadpool’s Inevitable MCU Debut — Deadpool 3 is in the works right now, and it’s expected that the film will, unlike the first two Deadpool movies, take place in the MCU. For that reason, comic book fans have been busy with theories about when — and how — Marvel plans on bringing Wade Wilson into its ever-growing cinematic universe.

One of the leading rumors is that Deadpool will have a surprise cameo in this year’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and there’s reason to believe that may actually happen. But what are the chances that he could also show up in Moon Knight?

There are several notable MCU characters rumored to appear in Moon Knight, so it’s possible that Deadpool could be one of them. However, there’s no way of knowing for sure if that will happen. Moon Knight was made to be a far more standalone TV show than most of Marvel’s other Disney+ originals, which means the chances of it having too many MCU cameos are slim.

Deadpool also doesn’t quite carry the same amount of weight in relation to Moon Knight that characters like Werewolf by Night and Blade, two heroes who are rumored to show up in the Disney+ series, do.

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector in Marvel’s Moon Knight.

Marvel Studios

The Inverse Analysis — Just like every other Marvel title, Moon Knight has the potential to surprise viewers with some massive MCU crossovers over the course of its six-episode run. In other words, until Moon Knight Episode 6 has been released, there’s no reason to think a Deadpool cameo is completely off the table.

Moon Knight is streaming now on Disney+.

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