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Massive Squid Game Episode 2 Easter egg reveals every death

The hit Netflix show revealed the end of its game at the very beginning.

Calling Squid Game a surprise hit would be an understatement.

Not only is the dystopian series the most popular Korean series of the moment; it’s also set to dethrone Bridgerton to become the most popular Netflix original series ever.

What makes Squid Game so popular? Vaulting over any language barriers, its script is incredibly engaging and believable. Audiences follow one main character, Gi-hun, as he goes from a single dad trying to stay close to his daughter to a competitor fighting for his life against 455 others.

Now that Season 1 of the series is out, fans are looking more closely at Squid Game’s story, revealing plenty of playful Easter eggs. Here’s how Squid Game revealed the outcome of its game before it even started.

The ultimate demise of all the main players is revealed in Episode 2 of Squid Game, according to Twitter user @luvmarsi.

That episode, “Hell,” dealt with the aftermath of the first Squid Game being canceled. Whereas the first episode focused entirely on Gi-hun, Episode 2 revealed more about other key players, including what motivated them to participate in such a high-risk competition.

Warning! Major spoilers for Squid Game from here on out!

In glimpses we get of other competitor’s lives, tragic backstories are revealed by the series showing whatever desperate acts these characters had previously resorted to.

The 456 participants of the Squid Game.

  • Gangster Deok-su jumped off a bridge in Episode 2, which foreshadows his death during the glass stepping-stone bridge game later in the series
  • North Korean defector Sae-byeok threatens a man by holding a knife to his throat, only to die from a stab wound to the neck in the penultimate game
  • Pakistani immigrant Ali stole money from his employer, but in a cruel twist of fate has his marbles stolen from him in the marbles game
  • Sang-woo is seen trying to kill himself in a bathtub, but in the final Squid Game confrontation, he kills himself while rain pours down, making him just as wet as before
  • Gi-hun says “I swear on my mother’s life” in Episode 2, only for his mother to lose her life by the end of the series

Sae-byeok and Deok-su in the first game.


These deaths could be seen as cruelly ironic but, from a narrative perspective, this setup is genius. Each of these characters’ stories is bookended by an event that calls back to their original transgression.

These aren’t the deaths that these characters. But under capitalism, as during the Squid Game, “fair” is a relative concept.

Squid Game is now streaming on Netflix.

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