Dan Stevens sure is trying to hide his rumored Eternals role

Dan Stevens isn’t saying he’s in Eternals, but he’s not not saying it either.

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Dan Stevens is already part of the Marvel Universe. Before the weirdness that is WandaVision, Stevens stars as David Haller, son of Professor Xavier, in the acclaimed psychological thriller Legion on FX.

But now, Stevens may once again surface in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — if rumors about the upcoming ensemble movie Eternals are to be believed. And Stevens himself has something to say about it. Kind of.

What Happened? — In a video interview with Collider to promote his newest sci-fi movie I’m Your Man, Stevens is fielded a question about a role in Marvel’s Eternals. His reply: “Kro comment.”

When pressed further, Stevens says, “I don’t know if that’s cryptic enough. Even if I could say anything, I wouldn’t be able to.”

(Stevens then jokes that he’d have to off Collider’s Steven Weintraub via Zoom.)

Despite the multiple trailers and numerous casting announcements for the delayed Marvel movie, the villain Kro, a shape-shifting immortal and enemy of the Eternals who debuts in Eternals #1 in July 1976, is not formally cast. But rumors swirl that Dan Stevens, whose other credits include the 2014 indie hit The Guest and the 2017 billion-dollar hit Beauty and the Beast may in fact be the actor to play Kro.

With Stevens’ latest comments or lack thereof, it appears Stevens is a possible future feature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You just won’t hear it from him.

Eternals, an ensemble science-fiction epic, will be released in theaters on November 5. Actor Dan Stevens is rumored to star as the villain “Kro.”

Marvel Studios

The Inverse Analysis — With the release of Eternals only a few weeks away, we’ll know whether or not Dan Stevens is actually Kro soon. Given Kro’s power to change his form, it’ll be interesting to see how much of Stevens’ potential role is voice-over performance and how much he actually appears on camera.

Stevens himself is an exciting performer who demonstrates extreme precision in his acting ability.

Inverse writer Alex Welch praises Stevens’ performance in I’m Your Man, writing in his review:

“Physically, Stevens moves in a stilted, robotic manner — achieving an awkward grace that makes Tom’s artificial nature constantly, unavoidably clear. Where most actors might have tried to make Tom appear as human as possible, Stevens does the opposite, and in doing so, he gives the character an innocent obliviousness that makes it easy to fall in love with him. His constantly wide open, piercing blue eyes only further help in that regard, making Tom’s curiosity and desire to connect with Alma apparent in every frame he’s in.”

Dan Stevens stars in I’m Your Man, a new sci-fi romance where Stevens plays a synthetic companion to a lonely woman.

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Kro is a very different character than the android lover of I’m Your Man, so it’ll be even more exciting to see how much Stevens inhabits the character. Kro problem for him.

Eternals is released in theaters on November 5, 2021.

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