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Mandalorian Season 3 leak answers the show’s biggest question

Will we finally learn what happened to Mandalore?

All throughout The Mandalorian, one question has loomed above the others: what happened to Mandalore? The iconic planet was a massive part of classic Star Wars lore and animated series The Clone Wars, but its fate is currently unclear.

In The Mandalorian Season 2, Migs Mayfeld made broad statements saying, essentially, that the planet had been mostly wiped out.

But does that mean Mandalore is gone forever? A leak from The Mandalorian Season 3 suggests it may live on — just not in the manner you might imagine.

The filming of Season 3 involves a group of 75 Mandalorians, the most we’ve ever seen in live-action, according to prolific leaker Making Star Wars (known for their Rise of Skywalker leaks). With the planet of Mandalore allegedly uninhabitable, what could prompt this reunion?

The key to understanding this plot event may lie within one of Din Djarin’s many sayings about the Children of the Watch, his sect of Mandalorian: “Mandalorian isn’t a race, it’s a creed.” If there isn’t a true Mandalorian race, must there be a defined Mandalorian homeworld?

Din Djarin is now the leader of the Mandalorians, much to Bo-Katan’s chagrin.


Since Din is now the rightful bearer of the Darksaber, he’s the leader of the Mandalorians. As the leader, he can establish a new Mandalore, at least symbolically, so more of his kind can continue the Way of the Mandalore. To do so, he’d need to call upon the remaining Mandalorian population scattered around the galaxy.

If this concept sounds familiar, it’s because the Marvel Cinematic Universe did something similar with Asgard. When Thor’s home planet was destroyed, his kind found a new home in the villages of Scandinavia on Earth. Maybe the Mandalorians can lay down roots once more on another planet in the Star Wars universe.

Could The Mandalorian take a page out of Marvel’s book?

Marvel Studios

Establishing a new Mandalore is the next logical step for The Mandalorian. The Darksaber is no good as a symbol of leadership if there is no population to lead, and a group of Mandalorians could provide just the epic scene Din Djarin, famously a loner, might dream of.

After his past interactions with The Armorer, a fellow Child of the Watch, and Bo-Katan Kryze, heiress to Mandalore, Din has connected with both major factions of his tribe. Now, he has the opportunity to bring them together — maybe in a new world they can call their own.

The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+.

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