Mandalorian Season 2 theory solves Rise of Skywalker’s biggest mystery

The next step in Baby Yoda's journey could clear a lot up.

The Rise of Skywalker has been widely — and rightly — criticized for its thrown-together feel. Suddenly, Palpatine was back and the Jedi rulebook was quite literally thrown out. However, not every aspect of the story was completely unfounded. A new theory uses what we know about Season 2 of The Mandalorian to establish a path to explain the most curious addition.

Reddit user Hellouglycow speculates wildly on the plot of The Mandalorian Season 2, suggesting Mando himself will wield one of Ahsoka's white lightsabers and face off against Moff Gideon. However, the most interesting part of the theory concerns The Child, otherwise known as Baby Yoda.

The theory claims Mando and Baby Yoda will find what they set off looking for, one of the mysterious Jedi "sorcerers." It's reasonable to suspect this Jedi will be Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka will agree to train Baby Yoda, but she won't be the only one teaching new tricks. Baby Yoda will demonstrate his Force healing powers to Ahsoka, who will explain how she's never seen such a thing before.

Baby Yoda trying out his rudimentary Force powers.


Establishing Baby Yoda as the first to use Force healing would make Rey's knack for it in the sequel trilogy feel less abrupt. He was the first Force user to show off this ability, healing his new guardian on the Disney+ series a mere week before The Rise of Skywalker debuted in theaters.

Considering The Mandalorian takes place only a handful of years after the events of Return of the Jedi, it's quite possible that Ahsoka could encounter Luke and show him these skills too. That might be why Ben is able to heal Rey after she expends all her life energy to defeat Palpatine.

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There are some issues with this theory, however. If Luke possessed Force healing powers for the entire duration of the sequel trilogy, why didn't we ever see him use them? Was he no longer able to access this skill since he closed himself off to the Force? If the skill was only available to those aligned with the Light side, it would explain why Kylo Ren couldn't use it, but Ben Solo could.

Rey Force heals an injured creature in 'Rise of Skywalker.'


This has a number of interesting effects on the Star Wars universe. It means the Force is ever-evolving, and new powers are still being discovered. It also means Ahsoka and Luke both possess this power, which could be interesting if we see them in combat on screen again.

It may seem a bit far-fetched, but Baby Yoda pioneering a new Force power does fit in with one of the key lessons Master Yoda imparted onto a young Luke Skywalker: don't judge a Jedi by their size.

The Mandalorian Season 2 premieres on Disney+ in October 2020.

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