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The Mandalorian Season 2 release date may be announced sooner than we thought

A Disney+ launch event may include news about The Mandalorian Season 2.

As the first of many Star Wars offerings, The Mandalorian Season 1 premiered on Disney+ to both critical and fan acclaim. Not to mention that it introduced and subsequently popularized Baby Yoda, the most adorable creature to grace the internet maybe ever. While Season 2 has already been confirmed, the Disney+ series doesn’t have an exact premiere date yet. However, The Mandalorian’s Season 2 release date could be announced at an upcoming Disney event.

The industry event is set to take place on March 5 in London ahead of the European launch of Disney+ on March 24. Naturally, Disney is set to unveil exclusive content during the launch event, which might include updates on the multiple Star Wars and Marvel projects currently in development.

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Per, Disney executives will have exclusive presentations prepared. While details about the presentations remain under wraps, it’s possible that an official release date for The Mandalorian Season 2 will finally be revealed. And who knows, they might even confirm WWE star Sasha Banks' rumored role in Season 2.

Considering that The Mandalorian Season 2 has been filming for a while now and should wrap up soon, there’s a chance Disney execs will unveil footage from Season 2 to tease fans over until the sophomore season premieres. Plus, an update on what Baby Yoda’s been up to since the end of Season 1 would be refreshing.

Historically, Disney presentations have always included quite a few surprises and exclusive footage of upcoming studio projects. During last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel unveiled the cast of The Eternals and confirmed Natalie Portman’s return to the MCU in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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At Disney’s D23 Expo a few months later, Marvel’s Kevin Feige announced that She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel would be getting live-action TV adaptations, all of which would premiere on Disney+ at some point in the future. There’s a chance that Disney’s upcoming event might even reveal key information and updates on the Cassian Andor show, as well as the highly-anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi series that's run into some production issues but is still expected in 2020.

That said, it’s possible the Disney+ launch event will follow in the same vein and reveal some key details about The Mandalorian Season 2, which left off with Mando and Baby Yoda heading off on a brand new adventure. However, with so much mystery and storyline threads left hanging, a quick tease at what to expect in the show’s second season would be enough to tide fans over until The Mandalorian returns in October.

The Mandalorian Season 1 is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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