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The Mandalorian Easter egg explains a huge Boba Fett mystery

A new generation of Mandalorians gets brought back into canon.

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The Mandalorian Chapter 14 was no filler episode. In 34 action-packed minutes, Mando brought Grogu (née Baby Yoda) to the ancient Jedi planet of Tython to send a call to Jedi all across the galaxy. He also met up with Boba Fett and Fennec Shand and struck a deal that saw them fighting off scads of stormtroopers together. However, that wasn't enough to keep a group of dark troopers from kidnapping Grogu mere seconds after he finishes his call. On top of all of this, Boba Fett revealed his true Mandalorian origins, but there may be more to this last reveal than meets the eye.

Boba Fett proves his true Mando heritage by showing his armor's "chain code" to Mando. This proves he inherited his armor from his father Jango, and that Jango was a foundling much like Mando himself. However, all this information was shown in the Mandalorian language of Mando'a.

Redditor OrbitalSander2 took the Mando'a key and translated the alien symbols into something a bit more digestible. The results changed Mandalorian history — and Star Wars canon — as we know it.

This translation seems to prove what Boba already told Mando, but there are new terms included. "Concord Dawn" is at least a little recognizable to any fans of the animated series Star Wars: Rebels, where it was introduced as an Outer Rim planet that had its entire southern hemisphere completely obliterated by war.

Concord Dawn has an even richer history outside of canon, where it featured heavily in the comics series Jango Fett: Open Seasons. This 2002 comic dove into Jango's history as a foundling, including his rescue by a Mandalorian known as Jaster Mereel. This is probably what the code refers to when it says "Mentor Jaste," as the R seems to be cut off by the hologram.

Jaster Mereel and The Mandalorian

You could write an entire TV show based on the life of Jaster Mereel. Exiled from his homeworld of Concord Dawn for killing a corrupt officer, he became a Mandalorian commando. He rose through the ranks, eventually becoming Mand'alor, the leader of all Mandalorians. He tried to militarize and reform the Mandalorian creed with a set of guidelines known as the Supercommando Codex, but this was divisive and led to the formation of the Death Watch and the start of the Mandalorian Civil War.

Jaster Mereel's death in 'Jango Fett: Open Seasons'

Dark Horse Comics

Mereel died in the Civil War, but his protégé Jango Fett, a foundling he picked up back on his home planet of Concord Dawn, took over as Mand'alor himself. (Again, none of this is Star Wars canon, at least not yet.)

The Inverse Analysis — Jaster's introduction into canon means a lot for the rest of The Mandalorian as a series. Bo-Katan Kryze established that Mando's Children of the Watch upbringing is not the norm among Mandalorians. Their mission to preserve the ancient "Way of the Mandalore" would be in direct conflict with Jaster's progressive Supercommando Codex.

However, Jaster also adopted a foundling just as the Mandalorians who adopted Din Djarin — and how he, in turn, adopted Grogu. It's one more similarity that bridges the gap between the Mandalorian factions.

This reveal also revives a major Season 1 mystery. We might know who brought Jango Fett into the Mandalorian creed, but still don't know who exactly adopted Din Djarin. While this shadowy parental figure did have an onscreen appearance in a Season 1 flashback, there's no way to distinguish who this person could be. Hopefully, revealing more about Boba's past will lead to even more reveals in the future.

The Mandalorian Season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

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