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Mandalorian Easter Egg Reveals a Secret Connection Between the Armorer and a Mysterious Villain

It looks like the galaxy’s most mysterious character may have ties to evil.


The Armorer is a mystery wrapped in a riddle hidden inside Beskar armor. Like most members of the Children of the Watch, we’ve never seen her face, and her enigmatic way of speaking through ritual and prophecy has cast doubt on her character. Why is she so insistent that Bo-Katan, not Din Djarin, is meant to be the fated leader who unites the Mandalorians? Why do we not know her real name, while Paz Vizsla and Din Djarin use theirs?

The answer may lie in a strange characteristic of The Armorer that’s never been explained, but could tie her to two iconic Star Wars villains.

Ever since her first appearance in The Mandalorian Season 1, fans have speculated about what the horns on The Armorer’s helmet could mean. Their resemblance to the horns of Darth Maul sparked concern, with some fans wondering if she’s actually loyal to Maul’s legacy, not to the Children of the Watch.

The Armorer’s helmet has always had Maul-like horns.


This theory is compounded by the events of Season 3 Episode 7, which revealed that Moff Gideon has fashioned his own Beskar armor, complete with a helmet. But this helmet doesn’t look like every other Mando helmet — it’s got the same Maul-like horns as The Armorer.

The design choice is too deliberate to be a coincidence. What do these horns mean, and why would Moff Gideon have chosen them? There’s been speculation that Moff Gideon has fashioned his garb after Darth Vader, so maybe these Maul-esque horns could be an homage to another Sith Lord.

Moff Gideon’s swanky new Beskar armor.


But while Gideon’s horns may be a reference, The Armorer’s are still unexplained. They may simply be a remnant of the Maul-adjacent extremist Death Watch movement, which she revealed crumbled because of infighting, but they could be a hiding-in-plain-sight indicator that her intentions aren’t all they seem.

With Season 3 wrapping up next week, we’ll likely find out more soon. The Mandalorian is no longer solely about one Mandalorian — it’s about The Armorer as much as Din Djarin. Maybe the season finale will finally explore what drives her.

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