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Loki ending: WandaVision Easter egg reveals a shocking connection

Time to put on the tin-foil hat.

Marvel movies are formulaic.

That’s not a flaw, exactly — in fact, it’s a big reason we keep coming back to stories set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But despite their adherence to a general formula, each film has its own distinct style and tone; in other words, they’re not beat-for-beat copies of each other.

However, comparing episodes of WandaVision and Loki reveals a massive similarity between the series — and could explain one of the strangest moments in Loki’s bizarre finale.

Playing WandaVision’s finale and Loki’s finale side-by-side reveals a key synchronization at around the 27-minute mark (according to Redditor CawCawDude). At that minute mark in WandaVision, Wanda is using her newfound strength as the Scarlet Witch to overpower Agatha Harkness. In Loki, meanwhile, He Who Remains reaches a critical moment in which he’s no longer pulling the series’ strings.

It’s wild to consider, but these two moments could be intentionally connected. Check out the clip for yourself below:

The moment in which Kang realizes something huge has changed and that he’s no longer aware of what’s next is the exact same moment in which Wanda finally defeats Agatha. It’s eerie to play the scenes side-by-side, like those videos of Dark Side of the Moon synced to The Wizard of Oz.

Could this synchronicity imply that Wanda’s full embrace of her powers was actually the moment that triggered the end of He Who Remains’ foresight? She does have chaos magic, after all, and nothing would ruin the power of prophecy like an all-powerful chaos magic witch.

Wanda’s chaos magic could be powerful enough to affect He Who Remains all the way in the Void.

Marvel Studios

Of course, this could be a coincidence. Both of these moments are watersheds in their series, points at which something happens that proves there’s no turning back for the characters. WandaVision and Loki are two different shows, but there are only a few ways to skin a cat — or write a hit Marvel series, apparently.

If there is a connection between the two moments, it would explain one of the most confusing parts of Loki’s finale. Why would He Who Remains’ gift of foresight suddenly fail him? It was a strange and random twist for the finale to suddenly stage. But maybe a sudden burst of chaos energy all the way back on Earth rippled out and affected the Sacred Timeline so much so that it became unpredictable — right at the 27-minute mark.

Even if it doesn’t entirely hold up, this theory proves just why Marvel is so appealing. Though its films and series often hit the same beats at the same time, it’s always in other ways different, fascinating, and hiding clues underneath its tropes.

Loki and WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+.

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