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Loki theory finally solves the most frustrating WandaVision mystery

Finally, an answer to that one question.

WandaVision marked a golden age of MCU TV theorizing.

Every Friday, it felt like the fandom came together to determine just who might be behind Westview, what the deal was with Ralph, and when Mephisto was going to be introduced. While the show did reveal the answers to many of these questions, one never got a satisfying answer.

This Loki theory suggests the answer to one of WandaVision’s lingering questions could lie within the hallowed halls of the Time Variance Authority.

WandaVision began with a simple mystery: that of a missing person in witness protection, assigned to Agent Jimmy Woo. In looking into this case, Woo uncovered the Westview anomaly. But throughout WandaVision’s nine episodes, it was never revealed who this missing person actually was.

The true identity of this missing person, Redditor jamirocky888 suggests, was none other than Casey, the TVA agent threatened by Loki for holding the Tesseract as evidence. With the reveal in Loki Episode 3 that TVA agents are all variants themselves, mentally manipulated into working for the TVA for eternity, Casey could be anyone from all of time and space — why not the one person conspicuously missing in a previous Marvel series?

Casey gets threatened by Loki.

Marvel Studios

Of course, there are a few issues with this theory. When variants are “pruned,” there’s a reset charge, so no disturbance is noticed within the Sacred Timeline. But Jimmy Woo seems to be the only one concerned with this person’s whereabouts. Is that because he was somehow exempted from the reset charge, which would mean the Westview anomaly was entirely unrelated to his missing person? Stranger things have happened.

Casey is certainly the most non-sequitur character at the TVA. He isn’t as high up as Judge Renslayer or Agent Mobius, but he’s always there when Loki needs someone to hassle or steal a juice box from. Maybe his true purpose in the show isn’t to change the plot, but to tie up a loose end in a previous series.

Jimmy Woo’s missing witness was one of WandaVision‘s earliest mysteries.

Marvel Studios

There’s more evidence to back up this theory as well. Eugene Cordero, who plays Casey, is 35, and Ralph Bohner, whom Agatha enchanted into becoming Pietro, was 34 in WandaVision. These characters could’ve grown up together in Westview, only to be brainwashed by different all-powerful beings.

Some fans think the missing witness was just a throwaway line, or that maybe Casey is just a variant of Pillboi from The Good Place. But WandaVision director Matt Shakman told the Phase Zero Podcast “there’s an answer” for that mystery, insisting fans need to “hang in there.”

Could this be what we were hanging in there for? Hopefully we will find out in the next two episodes.

Loki is now streaming on Disney+.

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