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Lightyear’s post-credits scene secretly sets up a nostalgic Pixar sequel

Lightyear 2 should look back for inspiration.

For Pixar fans, Lightyear is a strange mix of the old and new. While there’s plenty here to remind you of Toy Story fans, this isn’t the story of the Buzz Lightyear we heard Tim Allen brag about in the original movies. Instead, this claims to be the movie Andy saw that made him fall in love with the Lightyear character.

Now that Lightyear is on Disney+, it’s worth revisiting the movie’s (several) post-credits scenes. Specifically, here’s how one of those moments sets up an exciting Pixar sequel pulled directly from Toy Story history. Spoilers ahead!

Lightyear’s post-credits scenes explained

Lightyear ended with the revival of dreaded enemy Zurg.


Lightyear has three different post-credits scenes. The first are nothing more than jokes, but if you stick around until after the Disney and Pixar logos, you’ll see Buzz’s notorious rival Zurg floating in space. Then, suddenly he awakens. It’s an obvious setup for the sequel.

And considering the reveal that Zurg is actually an elderly Buzz looking to erase the present reality, this means that a possible sequel could include a confrontation with himself quite literally.

But aside from the looming threat of Zurg, what does a possible sequel mean for the Buzz Lightyear character? It probably won’t be anything like what we saw in Toy Story 2, but another Disney project could provide an answer.

Lightyear 2: Star Command

The intro of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command established it was a TV series within the Toy Story universe.

Disney fans who grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons may recall Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. This 2-D animated series had a similar premise to Lightyear — instead of the toy, this was the story of the space ranger himself, voiced by Patrick Warburton.

The series ran for 42 episodes and tackled some surprising topics including intergalactic politicking and assassination — much like how Lightyear explains quantum physics for a young audience. But most importantly, it showed Buzz among an ensemble of Space Rangers, much like we see at the end of Lightyear.

With the Zurg reveal, it’s difficult to see how a possible sequel could incorporate any of the classic Zurg and Buzz rivalry, but the team dynamics that echo past cartoons like X-Men: The Animated Series could make the perfect inspiration for a future film. Not only would it expand the already lovable cast of characters, but it would be a new way to pay homage to the fans who grew up idolizing Buzz and the Space Rangers.

Lightyear is now streaming on Disney+.

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