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Everything we know about The Doors of Stone, the Kingkiller Chronicle finale

It's been nearly a decade since the last installment of Kvothe's tale.

Move over, Song of Ice and Fire devotees, there's another grumpy fantasy fandom looking to give you a run for your money. The wait for the final book in Patrick Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy started back when book #2, The Wise Man's Fear, came out in March 2011. For reference, the best-selling single at the time was Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." So yeah, it's been a while.

The first two books detailed the story of the adventurer and bard Kvothe, as he encounters all sorts of intrigue and fantasy escapades. As we approach the decade mark with no fresh word about the TV adaptation helmed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, here's everything we know about The Doors of Stone.

When is the The Doors of Stone release date?

That's the million-dollar question. Release dates for The Doors of Stone have ranged from 2014 to 2018 and everywhere in between, but the word on the street (and on Book Depository) that the final book in the trilogy will be released in August 2020. Any Kingkiller fan knows to take this date with a grain of salt, especially since placeholder dates are not uncommon with these sorts of releases.

In a recent podcast appearance for Barnes & Noble, Rothfuss declared he "doesn't think about deadlines" anymore, and the book will be released when it's finished. So while there's no definite light at the end of the tunnel, hope still abounds for the third day's worth of Kvothe's dictated adventures.

Kingkiller Chronicle author Patrick Rothfuss at the Lit.Cologne festival in 2015picture alliance/picture alliance/Getty Images

Is The Doors of Stone written yet?

In 2013, Rothfuss posted a picture of the first draft of The Doors of Stone to Google+. In the post, the author wsaid it would be easier to revise with the aid of Google Glass. While the sentiment hasn't exactly aged well, rest assured there is a completed draft of the book. The post is long gone due to the demise of Google+, but lives on through Reddit.

Rothfuss's 2013 draft of 'Doors of Stone.'Screenshot via Reddit.

The seven-year gap since this social media post would suggest the editing process has been a complex one. In a February 2015 interview with Chilean newspaper El Mercurio (translated by Redditors) Rothfuss explained there are 13 subplots that need to be balanced with one another to ensure they don't conflict, and that his readers deserve a perfect book. All signs point to the book being worth the wait, even if we don't know how long it will be.

Is there a cover for The Doors of Stone?

The US covers for the first two Kingkiller booksDAW/Penguin Group

Once again, the wait is still on for even a cover reveal for the third book. While fan covers run rampant and many are pretty convincing, there's no official art to mine for clues about the book.

Due to an email mixup in 2015, fantasy book blog Pat's Fantasy Hotlist accidentally received an email containing the preliminary sketches for the The Doors of Stone, containing the color orange and a lute in some capacity. It's not much to go on, but it's all we know so far.

Are there spoilers for The Doors of Stone?

Rothfuss gave two interviews to in 2012 and 2017, revealing that The Doors of Stone will conclude the Kingkiller trilogy, but won't be the last work set in that fictional universe. The author also revealed Kvothe will travel more, visiting Renere, the "three-part city." In the 2017 interview, he teased the reveal of how Kvothe became an innkeeper, as well as how he met his future apprentice Bast.

Considering how meticulous Rothfuss has been in perfecting the book, it's a safe bet to say all the loose ends from The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear will be wrapped up. Rothfuss also told Tor the third book would be shorter than The Wise Man's Fear's 994 pages, but that still leaves plenty of room for a twisty-turny story and a satisfying ending.

Are there any excerpts of The Doors of Stone?

Rothfuss hasn't made any excerpts of the third book available just yet. However, you've finished both The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear, there are a handful of in-universe supplementary novellas to tide you over. The short story "How Old Holly Came to Be" was included in the anthology book Unfettered. The Lightning Tree, a Bast-focused novella, was published in the anthology Rogues. A stand-alone novella, entitled The Slow Regard of Silent Things, was published in 2014.

Until we know more, these works are all we know about what's been going on in Temerant, so while we wait for The Doors of Stone to be perfected, it may be time for a re-read.

The Doors of Stone does not yet have a release date.

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