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I Am Not Okay With This Season 2? Plot and renewal details revealed

"Every origin story needs a follow-up," series star Sophia Lillis tells Inverse.

I Am Not Okay With This just dropped its first season on Netflix, but there's a decent chance you've already watched all seven short and extremely bingeable episodes. If that's your current situation, you're probably wondering about the I Am Not Okay With This Season 2 release date — especially considering that epic cliffhanger at the end of Season 1.

Well, you're in luck, in multiple interviews, Inverse asked the producer, creator, and star of I Am Not Okay With This about Season 2, including where the plot might be headed and what needs to happen for Netflix to renew the show. Here's everything we learned.

Warning! Spoilers for I Am Not Okay With This ahead.

First, a quick refresh. Throughout Season 1 of I Am Not Okay With This, Sydney (Sophia Lillis) is being followed by a mysterious hooded figure who seems to be one of the only people aware of her superpowers. We don't know who it is (my theory is that it's her dad, who allegedly committed suicide but also clearly had powers like her), but we do know that this person finally confronts Sydney in the series finale to reveal that her training is about to begin.

If that feels like the beginning of a superhero origin story, well, you're not wrong. Lillis tells Inverse that's exactly how she sees I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 in the way it sets up a potential Season 2.

"One thing that Jonathan [Entwistle] really liked this season is that it's a superhero origin story," Lillis says. "He was always thinking of a Season 2. Every origin story needs a follow-up. So hopefully, we get to do with Season 2."

The cast of 'I Am Not Okay With This'


Showrunner Jonathan Entwistle agrees, comparing the potential plot of I Am Not Okay With This Season 2 to several other famous stories.

"We very much wanted to approach it as telling the origin story," he says. "What happens if Professor X never shows up to take you to the academy? What f you grow up in a suburb of Pittsburgh and Hagrid never takes you to the Hogwarts?"

“We very much wanted to approach it as telling the origin story.” — Jonathan Entwistle, creator

So does that make the mysterious hooded man Professor X, Hagrid, or something in between? In other words: Is he Sydney's teacher or just some guy sent to bring her to the actual superheroes?

We have no idea, and we won't find out unless I Am Not Okay With This gets renewed for Season 2. That's where Shawn Levy comes in.

As the producer behind I Am Not Okay With This, Stranger Things, and a bunch of other Netflix shows, Levy's production company 21 Laps Entertainment has a pretty good track record of keeping the streaming giant happy.

Levy tells Inverse that there's one key metric that will ensure Netflix renews I Am Not Okay With This for a Season 2: completion rates.

"Eyeballs count to Netflix, but what really counts tremendously alongside tonnage is completion," Levy says. "They really measure the success of a show or a movie based on that completion ratio. What is the ratio of people who start your story and finish it versus the number of people who start it but jettison out after just a few episodes?"

“They really measure the success of a show or a movie based on that completion ratio.” — Shawn Levy, producer

Shawn Levy

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That's an important detail we haven't heard before. Back in December of 2018, Netflix revealed that 45 million people watched the original movie Bird Box before adding the qualifier that anyone who sat through at least 70 percent of the movie counted (that number went up in 80 million by January 2018). However, it's clear from Levy's comments that Netflix cares even more about how many people actually finish the thing they're watching, which is something he takes into consideration with each new show he produces.

"Because that metric is important at Netflix, the density and hookiness of the narrative is something we think about a lot," he says. "I don't want to do 10 episodes that are paced lazily and risk losing a third of my audience after three episodes. I'd rather do a smaller number of episodes with pacing like Stranger Things that feels dense, taut and super compelling."

Assuming I Am Not Okay With This does get renewed for Season 2, Levy reveals that they already have plenty of ideas for where the show should head next.

“We have some super juicy ideas about where it would go.” — Shawn Levy, producer

"Yes, we've had the conversation," he says. We have some super juicy ideas about where it would go if we're lucky enough to get our next season and we will be going into our launch date with fingers firmly crossed. If enough people watch it they get to enjoy more episodes, and if no one watches it will have been a great, short experience. But I'm really hoping we get to tell the next chapter."

Me too, Shawn Levy. Me too.

I Am Not Okay With This is streaming now on Netflix.

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