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How many episodes does Andor Season 1 have left?

Cassian’s transformation into a top Rebel spy isn’t over. Not by a longshot.

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Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

Andor is unlike any Star Wars show we’ve seen before. The series feels more adult than anything we’ve seen before. The characters feel like real people. The political intrigue is complicated and realistic. The action is visceral and compelling with nary a lightsaber in sight.

With that in mind, you might be wondering how much Andor we’ve got left. Six episodes in, the Star Wars series still has a long way to go. But how many episodes exactly remain in Andor Season 1 and beyond? Here’s what you need to know.

How many episodes are left in Andor Season 1?

Andor Season 1 has 12 episodes total, meaning that after Episode 6 we’re officially at the halfway point with six episodes remaining.

It’s also worth taking a moment to note how Andor Season 1’s 12 episodes are broken up. Unlike most serialized shows, we’re not just getting one story spread out over a season of television. Instead, Andor is broken up into three-episode clusters that basically act as movies. Episodes 1-3 showed Cassian escaping his home and joining the rebellion, while 4-6 detailed his first mission as a soldier-for-hire within a rebel cell as they carry out a daring heist. Chronologically, Season 1 is meant to cover one year in Cassian Andor’s life, meaning we’re also likely about six months into this pivotal year.

How many episodes are left in Andor in total?

Diego Luna and Felicity Jones in Rogue One.


Andor is set to run for two seasons in total leading all the way up to Rogue One. Season 2 will contain an additional 12 episodes, bringing the total count to 24. That means as of this moment, there are 18 episodes of Andor remaining.

Once again, let’s take a step back and discuss how Andor Season 2 is structured. Unlike Season 1, the second and final season will cover four years of Star Wars history. Episodes will still be grouped by threes, but each grouping will cover an entire year of Cassian Andor’s life.

It’s unclear exactly how that will work. Will each cluster of episodes pick a pivotal moment in its respective year to explore or jump rapidly through the event of 12 months? Or maybe we’ll get a bit of both through the entire Season. We won’t find out until Andor Season 2 rolls around, and we’ve still got six episodes of Season 1 to enjoy before that.

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