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HBO Max launch date with “every Batman and Superman movie’ finally revealed

HBO Max is approaching faster than a speeding bullet.

The AT&T/Warner Bros. streaming service HBO Max is coming soon, maybe soon enough to rescue your quarantine binge-watching. This includes a number of DC movies and TV shows, including the live-action series Doom Patrol and "every Batman and Superman movie from the last 40 years," including everything from 1978's Superman to the 2017 Zack Snyder movie Justice League. (But not the Snyder Cut, as far as we can tell.)

On Tuesday, Warner announced the launch date of HBO Max, set for May 27. The company announced a number of "Day One" titles, both original shows exclusively for the service and existing films/TV shows. A monthly subscription will cost $15 for residents in the U.S.

Of the HBO Max originals, the Anna Kendrick rom-com Love Life, the documentary On the Record, a DIY show Craftopia hosted by YouTube personality LaurDIY, the Looney Tunes reboot Looney Tunes Cartoons, and a G-rated late-night talk show The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo will stream on HBO Max as soon as it launches.

One advantage that HBO Max has over competitors like Netflix, Hulu, and NBC's own coming service Peacock is the legacy shows WarnerMedia has the rights to stream. Besides HBO's impressive roster of original programs like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Watchmen, The Sopranos, Succession, and The Wire, popular shows like Friends, Doctor Who, The Bachelor, South Park, Gossip Girl, and Rick and Morty will all stream on HBO Max on its first day. Classic films like The Wizard of Oz (1939) and Citizen Kane (1941) will also stream on the service.

And of course, there's the DC universe. While the fate of the existing DC streaming service DC Universe is yet to be decided, HBO Max will also stream DC programming, both theatrical and television. The service will stream recent DC movies like Aquaman (2018), Wonder Woman (2017), and Justice League (2017). Despite rumors of a release of the "Snyder Cut" of Justice League, WarnerMedia only confirmed the theatrical version of the DC ensemble movie.

Furthermore, Warner also teased "every Batman and Superman movie" since 1978's Superman. This suggests HBO Max will not stream any of the classic Batman serials from the 1940s nor the Max Flesicher Superman cartoons, a key piece in DC's complete pop culture history.

Other DC programming is a mix of shows from both DC Universe and The CW. The official press release confirmed the CW series Batwoman and the DC Universe title Doom Patrol will stream on HBO Max. It is unknown if other CW shows like Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, or DC Universe shows Titans and Swamp Thing will be added to the library.

While the DC library hasn't been enough to attract a massive audience to a platform, as evidenced by the muted reception to DC Universe, that it will join a number of attractive programs like Friends, Game of Thrones, and Rick and Morty makes HBO Max an appealing new subscription. That $15 a month is a tough pill to swallow, however.

In the future, there will be more programming added to HBO Max, including an Adventure Time sequel and more from DC. Just last week, J.J. Abrams was announced to produce a superhero horrors series, Justice League Dark exclusively for HBO Max.

HBO Max launches on May 27.

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