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Evil Season 2 release date, trailer, cast for the scary good CBS procedural

One of the most popular shows on Netflix is a CBS procedural about demons. Here's all to know about the next season of Evil.

Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

What is the true nature of evil? This big, unwieldy question lies at the center of Evil, the CBS supernatural procedural from TV duo Robert and Michelle King. While the show found cult appeal in its first season premiere in 2019, its recent arrival on Netflix has made it, as of this writing, a "Top 10" series on the popular streaming platform.

But at just 13 episodes, it's an easy binge to devour over a weekend. One year after its premiere and in the midst of a pandemic, fans may be wondering: what's the deal with Evil Season 2?

Here's everything we know so far about Evil Season 2. Bookmark this page and check back often as we'll update it with more information as they're released, including plot details, casting announcements, trailers, and more.

Warning: Spoilers for Evil Season 1 ahead.

Aasif Mandvi, Katja Herbers, and Mike Colter in 'Evil' Season 1.Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

When is the release date for Evil Season 2?

There is no premiere date for Evil Season 2. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and safety restrictions in film and TV production, it is not known how far along Season 2 is at the moment.

In a September 4 story by Deadline, Evil was one of two shows "pending" a green light to resume work; shows like Blue Bloods and Charmed, however, were given the go-ahead.

In August, Inverse interviewed series regular Aasif Mandvi, who told us at the time:

"It's not up to me, you'd be surprised to know ... There's a lot of conversations between the networks, unions, and New York state about safety. From what I've heard we'll start in the next few months. I hope sooner than later."

Wait, what is Evil all about?

Evil is a horror procedural drama about a forensic psychologist, Kristen (Katja Herbers) who teams up with a priest-in-training, David (Mike Colter) to investigate supernatural incidents, usually demonic possession. Along for the ride is Ben (Aasif Mandvi), a tech expert and non-practicing Muslim who acts as a scientific filter to weed out crazier possibilities. But Evil is a clever show, and more often than not even science can't explain everything.

Standing in their way is Michael Emerson as Dr. Leland Townsend, a secret expert in the occult who manipulates others to commit evil acts. As the show later reveals, Leland is only the subject of a more powerful entity. Also a recurring presence in Evil is a creepy incubus named "George" who haunts Kristen's nightmares.

Like The X-Files meets The Exorcist, Evil is one of the most refreshing, poignant, and downright scary TV shows out right now. It is a perfect show to indulge in the month of October.

In 'Evil,' a forensic psychologist, a priest-in-training, and a tech expert team up to investigate incidents of alleged demonic possession. It premiered its first season on CBS in the fall of 2019. It is currently one of the most popular shows streaming on Netflix.Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

What happened at the end of Evil Season 1?

A recurring antagonist, Orson LeRoux, whom Kristen first encountered in the show's pilot, returns in an attempt to patch things up as part of his newfound Christianity. But Kristen doesn't buy it and deflects Orson's (admittedly invasive) attempts at an olive branch. Pushed to the brink (no thanks to some more hauntings by George and Leland's demonic "master"), Kristen takes action.

But what does Kristen do? Evil heavily implies, but doesn't actually confirm, that she killed Orson.

Meanwhile, David and Ben uncover the final puzzle piece in a season-long mystery. A fertility clinic, RSM Fertility, a possible front for a secret organization attempting to raise a generation of susceptible humans. To Kristen's horror, she learns that one of her children, Lexis, was born after she was treated to RSM. Along with her possible act of murder, a crucifix burns Kristen's hand, implying there's a dark evil that inhabits within her.

Oh, did we also mention David's visions? That too. In the Season 1 finale, David sees a vision of Kristen walking towards Leland's horned master, in a cornfield with a scythe. The eerie image is full of metaphor, but no clear explanation.

"I think what we want to do is chew that next year," Robert King told Entertainment Weekly in a January 2020 interview about the vision. He added: "Is that the Devil? Again, we don’t want to undercut the drama of the moment by saying it’s metaphor because it’s just not metaphor. It is real, but how much of it is a demon character influencing everybody’s mind and influencing everybody’s dream life, and how much is he real, I guess is what we’re saying."

At the end of 'Evil' Season 1, Kristen is burned by a crucifix, implying a great evil exists within her.Elizabeth Fisher/CBS
Also at the end of 'Evil' Season 1, David sees a vision of Kristen walking towards Leland's master, which further implies Kristen's possible corruption. Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

What is the plot of Evil Season 2?

There are no known plot details for Evil Season 2. But one can safely assume the season will continue the cliffhanger of Season 1, and further reveal the vast conspiracy that ties RSM Fertility, to Leland, to all the great evil that David, Kristen, and Ben have encountered.

Who is in the cast of Evil Season 2?

There are no known guest stars for Evil Season 2. However, the entire principal cast of Evil Season 1 are expected to return. Aside from Herbers, Colter, Mandvi, Emerson, and Marti Matulis who plays the demonic characters, actor Christine Lahti is expected to reprise Sheryl, Kristen's mother who is engaged to Leland.

In 'Evil,' Leland (Michael Emerson) is the subject to a powerful demon known only in official credits as "Therapist." Their true origins are unknown and yet to be revealed in the future of 'Evil.'Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Kurt Fuller, who palys Kristen's therapist Dr. Boggs who has been dragged into a few cases, will also return. He told TV Guide he hopes to be more involved. "They've already got a skeptic in Ben, but I do have some specialized talents that I can bring to them," Fuller said. "And I think that we'll see a little bit more of it next year, where I actually can keep them out of trouble a little bit, which is what I would love to do."

Is there a trailer for Evil Season 2?

There is no trailer available for Evil Season 2.

Evil Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. There is no release date for Evil Season 2.

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