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Everything we know about Doctor Who Season 13, after a game-changing finale

Time travel hasn't been invented yet, so we'll have to wait.

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It seems like an eternity since Doctor Who changed everything with its mind-blowing Season 12 finale, but it's only been six months. In the midst of another drought between seasons, fans are looking forward to the Christmas special, Revolution of the Daleks, as the wait for Season 13 continues probably well into 2021.

Here's everything we know about the series heading into its 58th year.

Is Doctor Who renewed for Season 13?

At this point, it seems weird to ask, given how long Doctor Who's been around. Don't worry, showrunner Chris Chibnall told Entertainment Weekly he will be helming the thirteenth season with the Thirteenth Doctor.

However, all those thirteens have led to an inauspicious sign — due to Covid-19 filming restrictions in the United Kingdom, Chris Chibnall confirmed to Radio Times Season 13 will only be 8 episodes long instead of the usual 11. Less Doctor Who is better than no Doctor Who at all, but's it's still disappointing news.

Who's in the cast for Doctor Who Season 13?

Jodie Whittaker is for sure confirmed to return as The Doctor. Mandip Gill has expressed interest in returning as Yaz in an interview with Radio Times.

However, the jury's out on Graham and his step-grandson Ryan, played by Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole. According to The Mirror, Graham and Ryan are rumored to be leaving the show in the upcoming Christmas special, before Season 13 properly kicks off. At this point, this is unconfirmed speculation, so until there's an official announcement from BBC or the showrunners, don't rule out seeing them next season just yet.

The biggest news about Doctor Who Season 13's cast came on November 23rd, the 57th anniversary of its premiere in 1963. The BBC announced one of the most beloved recurring characters was making a comeback in the Christmas special— Captain Jack Harkness. Captain Jack, played with lovable smarm by John Barrowman, briefly appeared with a grim warning in the Season 12 episode "The Lone Cyberman."

Graham, Yaz, and Ryan in the upcoming special "Revolution of the Daleks."BBC

When will the Doctor Who 2020 Christmas special air?

We'll definitely get a special of some kind, but keep in mind it might not be a "Christmas" special. The show has migrated to New Year's Day in recent years instead, so we may not see any more Doctor Who in 2020 at all.

For those watching the coronavirus delays stack up: don't worry. The special, "Revolution of the Daleks," has already wrapped production.

When is the Doctor Who Season 13 release date?

Despite filming restrictions shutting down productions all over the world, Doctor Who Season 13 has just begun production. With only 8 episodes to work on, the wait til it reaches our screens may be shorter, but don't count on anything too soon. The earliest plausible release date for this season is next fall, as part of the BBC's Fall 2021 slate.

However, it's possible the series could even be pushed into 2022, with the special in 2021 serving as a season premiere. This would mean the special leading into Season 13 would be filmed after the series, but with a time travel show this is easily explained away.

The gang in the 2019 Special, SpyfallBBC

What happened in the Doctor Who Season 12 finale?

The Season 12 finale was an eventful one, to say the least. After being imprisoned by The Master, The Doctor was told her entire origin story was a lie: she was a lost child found by a Gallifreyan space explorer named Tecteun, who experimented on her, harnessing her regeneration power and spreading it to all Gallifreyans, who then became the self-appointed Time Lords. The Doctor had her memory wiped to protect her, but now she knows all too well who she really is: the first of the Time Lords, the mythic "Timeless Child."

But wait, that's not all! After revealing all that backstory, The Master declared he killed all the Time Lords and used Cyberman technology to create a super race of cybernetic Time Lords, who can still regenerate and follow The Master's orders.

The Doctor escaped The Master and got her companions safely home, just in time to take a breather. In the closing moments of the finale episode, she's teleported into custody by the Judoon, the space police Rhino-form alien species. She just can't catch a break.

What's the plot of Doctor Who Season 13?

With the scripts still being written, there isn't as much as a whisper of possible ideas in the air, and with a finale like the one we got at the end of Season 12, it feels like the show could establish anything at this point. Knowing the way Chris Chibnall thinks, however, we'll probably see a return of the Ruth Doctor and a reckoning with the looming threat of the Master and the Cyberman/Time Lord hybrids we saw in the Season 12 finale.

The Cyber-Time LordsBBC

These aren't an ordinary threat: this is The Doctor going against her own kind combined with one of her greatest enemies. It wouldn't be surprising if this adversary won't be defeated until the end of Season 13, allowing The Doctor to spend the season going on one-off adventures and collecting allies.

Is there a trailer for Doctor Who Season 13?

Not yet. There will probably be a title reveal after the New Year's Special, but with filming just now starting, a first look at the new season will probably not arrive until well into next year. Such is the life of a Doctor Who fan, but if there's one lesson to be learned from the show, it's that patience is a virtue: just ask Amy Pond.

Doctor Who Season 13 does not yet have a release date.

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