Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer Reveals the MCU’s Most Hardcore Villain Yet


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Deadpool and Wolverine are like oil and water, which is why we haven’t seen them in a trailer together until today. Together, their odd couple dynamics have everything you could possibly want in a Marvel movie and in a Deadpool movie, and that’s exactly what Deadpool and Wolverine is. But no matter how charismatic the leads, no Marvel movie can be supported by them alone — and we also finally got a look at one of the major side characters with a fascinating tie to the X-Men.

In the new trailer for the upcoming movie, we get our first look at Emma Corrin’s character, a bald British figure who playfully says “Boys are so silly” while sipping a cup of tea. For fans of the comics, it’s very clear who this character is — Cassandra Nova.

In the comics, Cassandra Nova is kind of like Charles Xavier’s evil twin, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Cassandra is a mummudrai, a parasite from the astral plane. When Charles was still in the womb, Cassandra began copying a body from his DNA and even tried strangling him with his own umbilical cord, but even as a fetus, Charles managed to defend himself with a psychic blast.

That blast made Cassandra appear stillborn, but her mind was able to live on and, thanks to Charles’ vast mutant powers, even gained some telepathic powers herself. We even see this in the trailer during a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of a fight scene between her and Wolverine. He attempts to get her with his claws, but her powers make him nothing but a puppet to her.

Cassandra Nova faces off against Wolverine in the Deadpool and Wolverine trailer.

Marvel Studios

Fans have theorized that Corrin would bring Cassandra Nova to life in Deadpool and Wolverine for months, so anticipation is already building. But she may prove difficult to incorporate into the movies: she’s so iconic in the comics because her mummudrai features mean she can’t really be murdered, meaning she can come back over and over. If Wade and Logan want to take her down, they may have to get creative.

The trailer is full of multiversal hijinks and variants — including a 20th Century Fox logo and an Ant-Man skull — so perhaps she can be trapped in another alternate universe. Maybe she could even become a major supervillain in this new era of Marvel — since this is the first MCU movie to incorporate the X-Men in a major way, there’s no better villain than the twisted shadow of the founder himself.

Deadpool and Wolverine premieres in theaters July 26, 2024.

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