Deadpool & Wolverine’s Latest Teaser Shows Off an Overdue Rematch

Mutant rivalries are forever.

Marvel Studios

Cameos are a trademark of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and no character is more suited to benefit from them than Deadpool, a character who can look into the camera and say, “Hey, look, it’s that guy!” What’s more, the upcoming MCU movie Deadpool & Wolverine — Deadpool’s first foray into the franchise proper — involves Loki’s TVA, the multiversal institute with every timeline at its fingertips, meaning the possibilities for cameos are as infinite as the universe itself.

Now, the movie’s latest teaser has demonstrated just how deep the potential can run. In it, Wade and Logan face off against a familiar foe, even if he didn’t look so familiar the last time he appeared.

As the teaser closes, we see Deadpool and Wolverine in a desert wasteland that seems to exist in a meta plane of existence, given that you can see the ruins of the 20th Century Fox logo behind them. They’re in the middle of a fight, and Wolverine, battered and stuck with knives and swords, yells, “Who’s next?”

There’s an immediate volunteer: Sabretooth, played by Tyler Mane, who also played Wolverine’s classic villain in X-Men. Technically, we last saw Sabretooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, when he was played by Liev Schrieber, but it’s been 23 years since we’ve seen this version of him. Deadpool, like most Marvel fans, understandably seems to ignore Origins entirely. As he gets Wolverine ready for the fight by ripping all the blades he’s been stuck with out of him, Deadpool says, “You look ridiculous. People have waited decades for this fight. It's not gonna be easy.”

Tyler Mane as Sabretooth in X-Men.

20th Century Fox

It may have been over 20 years since former professional wrestler Tyler Mane donned the brows and nails, but the actor has kept busy in the world of comic book movies. Mane appeared in both Doom Patrol and Jupiter’s Legacy, Netflix’s poorly-received attempt at competing with the MCU.

Deadpool & Wolverine, however, should offer a lot more fun, and the long overdue rematch will likely be just one of many cameos the movie has waiting in the wings. It’s unclear what other big X-Men cameos are awaiting fans, but between the endlessly self-referential Deadpool and the multiverse-spanning TVA, there will surely be more in store when the movie drops next month. Like Deadpool said, people have been waiting decades — we should get as many rematches as possible.

Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters on July 26, 2024.

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