Deadpool 3 Theory Reveals a Wild Avengers: Endgame Retcon

With the whole timeline on the table, anything is possible.

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The Deadpool and Wolverine trailer crammed in more references than an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and it looks like the full movie will take the joking around even further. Between Deadpool’s classic fourth-wall breaks and the MCU’s endless multiverse saga, there’s plenty for our heroes to discuss, mock, and otherwise mess around with.

In particular, one key trailer shot may have revealed a big cameo, if not something even more exciting. It will take a lot of hijinks and a little magic, but Deadpool may be able to firmly plant himself in the MCU by proving he’s secretly been there the whole time.

In the trailer, we see Wade and Logan explore Ant-Man’s skull, a Mad-Max-esque desert, fights with Charles Xavier’s evil twin sister, and the TVA, but one shot in particular is fueling debate: a glimpse at the two jumping into a portal like those created by sorcerers.

The Deadpool and Wolverine trailer shows a portal — but where does it lead?

Marvel Studios

The most sensible explanation is that we’ll see a magic-wielding character summon portals to help Deadpool and Wolverine in their fight to save the timeline, be that Wong, Dr. Strange, or even a new character. With the TVA on the scene, time travel could also be a factor here too, and it’s possible that Deadpool will find himself on some sort of mission to stablize the Marvel timeline. But the more interesting question is where the portal could lead.

Considering how self-referential Deadpool is, there’s one obvious answer. It would have to take them somewhere important where they could affect Marvel history while still blending in with the crowd... and the massive battle in Avengers: Endgame is the perfect candidate.

The Endgame battle was the climax of the entire Infinity Saga, one that elevated the MCU to a titanic scale. Seemingly every Marvel character we met in more than a decade came together to defeat Thanos, so two guys in supersuits could sneak in and go completely unnoticed. Most heroes joined the battle via portal to begin with. Why not Deadpool too?

With all those portals joining the battle, who would notice one more?

Marvel Studios

If that is indeed where one of these portals leads, then Deadpool and the X-Men’s introduction to the MCU will actually be far more seamless than we expected. In fact, they were secretly always in the MCU, just out of frame. That’s the magic of time travel and, well, magic.

It’s the perfect move given Deadpool’s love of metacommentary, and his hatred of how much of Marvel history has happened without him. It would also make the events of Deadpool and Wolverine that much more important. This isn’t just Deadpool’s movie that happens to be set in the MCU; it’s a movie where Deadpool is secretly responsible for saving the MCU.

Deadpool and Wolverine premieres in theaters July 26, 2024.

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