Daisy Ridley interview fuels a huge theory about Star War: Rise of Skywalker

The Star Wars star just dropped a few potential clues about the past and future of Rey.

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Remember Rey? It feels like ages since The Rise of Skywalker put a somewhat disappointing cap on the nine-movie saga, freeing Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac to move on to other projects. However, it seems that Ridley isn’t totally over Star Wars, and in a recent interview, she dropped a few clues that may change the way we think about Rey.

What happened — Speaking to Grazia UK, Ridley revealed the lifelong friendships she made on the set of Star Wars. Here’s the full quote:

“My god, I was so sad. I spent a lot of time crying, I really felt like I was grieving something. They were my people for so many years! John [Boyega] and I met when we were both twenty-one, we were so young. We started this thing together in our early twenties and now I’m twenty-nine. But we all keep in touch, even though John is the busiest man in the world. I went for breakfast with Kathy Kennedy the other day which was so nice. Jodie [Comer] and I text all the time. It was such a wonderful experience.”

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s break things down.

Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars mom

Jodie Comer with young Rey in Rise of Skywalker.


Jodie Comer (Killing Eve, Free Guy) had possibly the shortest cameo in Star Wars history in The Rise of Skywalker. In the film, Comer plays Rey’s mom, who makes the mistake of marrying into the Palpatine family and pays the ultimate price.

Despite already being a pretty big star at the time, Comer gets barely any screentime and even less dialogue. And before you say it, we know famous people get Star Wars cameos all the time, but most of those are as Stormtroopers where you don’t know who it is until much later. Comer was clearly in Rise of Skywalker in a major role (Rey’s mom!) and yet she’s barely in the film.

So it comes as a bit of a surprise that Ridley and Comer text all the time. Did they bond that much during Jodie’s one or two hours on set? The obvious answer would be that Comer filmed a longer scene that got cut from Rise of Skywalker’s bloated runtime. But the fact that Lucasfilm decided not to include any deleted scenes with its Blu-ray release means we may never know for sure.

Is Daisy Ridley returning to Star Wars?

Rey and BB-8 at the end of Rise of Skywalker.


“I went for breakfast with Kathy Kennedy the other day,” Ridley says. Is this just two friends catching up over coffee, or something bigger?

Rey didn’t die at the end of Rise of Skywalker (spoilers!) and we know that at least one upcoming Star Wars movie is set to take place after the most recent trilogy. Rumor has it director Patty Jenkin’s upcoming Rogue Squadron takes place after Episode IX, which means we could see older versions of Rey, Finn, and others in the upcoming film, scheduled for release in December 2023.

Of course, that’s just speculation. As far as we know, Ridley isn’t returning to Star Wars anytime soon — or ever. Then again, never say never when the Force (and a big paycheck) are involved.

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