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3 epic plot twists that could happen in The Clone Wars series finale

Party like it's Order 66!

The real final episode of The Clone Wars finale is almost upon us, and if you think it's going to end with all the Jedi getting killed, you're probably right! Because The Clone Wars is happening inside of Revenge of the Sith, it's constrained by certain events in the Star Wars canon which prevent the finale from being very surprising. We knew the Seige of Mandalore was coming this season, and it happened. We knew Order 66 would be depicted. That happened too. The deal with The Clone Wars finale has not been about big surprises, but instead the small ones that feel big.

That said, there's still time for The Clone Wars to really shock us. On Monday, May 4, 2020, the last episode of The Clone Wars will finally air, and that means its time to stretch out with our feelings for the most outrageous possible endings for a story, which, in theory, has already told us the ending. Here are three wild plot twists that could conceivably close out the Clone Wars finale and set up whatever comes next.

Speculative spoilers ahead for Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 12.

I've seriously met so many Mandalorians who take their helmets off. Are you making this up?


3. "The Way" gets explained ahead of Mandalorian Season 2

Since reintroducing familiar Mandalorian characters (Bo-Katan, Ura Wren) from previous Clone Wars seasons and Rebels, this season of The Clone Wars is unique because it's the first time the "old" Mandalorians have been revisited since an entire show about their creed was launched called The Mandalorian.

But in the Disney+ show, the Mandalorians there don't behave the way the Mandos do in The Clone Wars or Rebels. The way they behave is in accordance with "the Way," but that way hasn't been explained, nor has it be differentiated from the regular way the Mandos behave at this point in the Star Wars timeline.

In other words, Bo-Katan takes her helmet off all the time, and we're meant to think that Din Djarin was rescued by some Mandalorians during the actual Clone Wars. So, what's the deal? Why don't the Mandos in the same timeline as the ones who rescued Din Djarin act the same way?

The short answer is that little-kid Din was rescued by a different sect than the ones we see the majority of The Clone Wars, but wouldn't it be nice if someone took a break from the Order 66 action to address that little fact? It would take less than a minute!

I stole this look from Gandalf. You like it?


2. A post-Rebels flashforward for Ahsoka

Although the events of The Clone Wars absolutely must conclude with the end of Revenge of the Sith, that doesn't mean the action couldn't hint at what might happen beyond the literal Order 66 action of 19 BBY. In fact, although the season finale of Rebels "ended" just before A New Hope, that series famously featured a flash forward to the moments after the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi. This gave us a glimpse of what Ahsoka was doing in the time the Empire fell — helping Sabine Wren look for Ezra Bridger, lost out somewhere in hyperspace. In other words, when Rebels ended, it cheated slightly by jumping ahead and showing us what everyone (mostly Sabine) was doing post-Return of the Jedi.

Because The Clone Wars is so focused on Ahsoka's journey, this could happen again. We're pretty sure Ahsoka will appear in The Mandalorian Season 2, and that is definitely post-Rebels and Return of the Jedi. Ending The Clone Wars in the depressing Order 66 action will be a huge downer. If The Clone Wars finale is smart, it will jump ahead and give us a glimmer of hope. In Rebels, we know an older Ahsoka and Sabine are out searching hyperspace for Ezra Bridger. Could we get a little bit of a hint of what happened after that?

You've had this fight.


1. Ahsoka Meets Baby Yoda!

If Baby Yoda is indeed 50 years old in The Mandalorian, that means he's certainly around (and even smaller) during the events of The Clone Wars since these stories take place in 19 BBY — roughly two decades before the classic trilogy. Mando happens seven years after Return of the Jedi, or about 9 ABY.

Any way you slice it, The Mandalorian happens slightly less than 30 years after the end of The Clone Wars, not 50 years. So Baby Yoda is alive during The Clone Wars, and is, an even tinier baby.

Could Ahsoka meet Baby Yoda? In Season 7 Episode 11, "Shattered," (part 3 of the finale) Yoda seems to sort of want to have an additional chat with Ahsoka, which is mostly supposed to be about Anakin. But, what if Yoda saw Ahsoka as a kind of hidden secret weapon? In Season 6 of The Clone Wars, Yoda has visions about the coming defeat for the Jedi. He doesn't know exactly when and how things are going to go to hell, he just knows its coming.

With that in mind, assuming Yoda knows about Baby Yoda (regardless if he's the father or not) it seems like he might be making some plans as to who he can trust with that knowledge. It's not like Ahsoka will get to hold Baby Yoda or be entrusted with Baby Yoda in The Clone Wars, but what if she met Baby Yoda?

The Clone Wars finale presents, in some ways, the last time for us to get a sense of where Baby Yoda was during the Jedi purge, and if we see him right now, it could explain a great many things.

Mustafar, the best lava planet this side of Tatooine.


Bonus Theory: Ahsoka meets Darth Vader on Mustafar

If we're talking outrageous, one theory out there suggests that Ahsoka could swing by Mustafar and see Anakin. I'll let L1zardK1n9 on Reddit take it away:

The thrust of this theory is that there is a little bit of time for Ahsoka to drop in and see Anakin burning in the lava in-between Obi-Wan leaving and Palpatine showing up. Farfetched? Totally. But if it does happen, it would be pretty incredible.

The last part of The Clone Wars finale airs on Disney+ on May the 4th.

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