Order 66

The one Clone Wars story you need to rewatch before Season 7 Episode 11

Here's the Star Wars canon you need to know ahead of Order 66.

Over the next two weeks, The Clone Wars Season 7 will conclude the final George Lucas-controlled aspect of the Star Wars saga. Since 2008, the story of Clone Troopers, Jedi generals, and Ahsoka Tano has filled in the three years between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Clone Wars Season 7 is in its final hours, and because Anakin has already killed Count Dooku, everything within the final episodes will be happening concurrently with the events of Revenge of the Sith. You could almost think of these episodes as Revenge of the Sith deleted scenes.

That means one major event is likely coming in the next two Clone Wars episodes: Order 66. Here's the one Clone Wars story you should really revisit ahead of the Season 7 series finale, along with a few other bonus episodes to keep you busy while you wait.

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Order 66 came early!


The Clone Wars Season 6 Episodes 1-4: The story of Fives

Although The Clone Wars Season 6 ("The Lost Missions") aired in 2014, it's technically the most recent set of stories in the series. The first four episodes are essential. Starting with episode 1, "The Unknown," Anakin and his crew almost uncover the conspiracy of Order 66, and in so doing we learn the logistics of how clones are manipulated.

The story focuses on a Trooper with the nickname of "Fives" who is convinced there is something more to the inhibitor chips installed in every single clone's brain. There's also another Clone Trooper here named "Tup" who goes all Order 66 early. If you've seen Revenge of the Sith, all of this makes sense, but the tech was only explained in the animated shows, and it's worth revisiting ahead of the Season 7 finale.

Watch The Clone Wars Season 6, episodes 1-4, "The Unknown," "Conspiracy," "Fugitive," and "Orders" right here.

Rex, as he appears in 'Rebels', 4 BBY, 15 years after Order 66.


Bonus rec: Rebels Season 2 Episodes 3-4

Speaking of inhibitor chips and Order 66, the result of everything that will happen in The Clone Wars finale has already been 100 percent foreshadowed in its sequel series, Star Wars Rebels.

In Season 2 Episodes 3 and 4 — "The Lost Commanders" and "Relics of the Old Republic" — an older Captain Rex and two more former Clone Troopers join the Rebellion.

"The Lost Commanders" casually floated the premise that Rex was able to disable his inhibitor chip. The way he was able to do so hasn't been explained, until now. Keep in mind, "The Lost Commanders" happens 15 years after Revenge of the Sith and The Clone Wars, so there's still a fair amount we don't know in terms of what happened to Rex during that time.

Watch Rebels, Season 2, episodes 3-4, "The Lost Commanders," and "Relics of the Old Republic," right here.

The Clone Wars finale airs over the next two Fridays on Disney+.

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