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Clone Wars finale Easter egg could set up an epic new Star Wars show

Did The Clone Wars just set up a new Star Wars series?

The last few episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars have been so action-packed it can be hard to notice the little details. Case in point, you might not have spotted the intricate design on the mobile Mandalorian prison cell used to contain Darth Maul, but a closer look could reveal one very interesting Easter egg that might change Star Wars canon forever and set up an exciting new live-action adventure.

When Ahsoka asks about that prison cell, she's told it's a relic of Mandalore's military past. That alone feels like a reference to a thrilling chapter in Star Wars history: the Mandalorian Wars. And with that in mind, it's worth noting that a mysterious hooded figure depicted on Maul's prison box could be directly tied to that historic war.

Did The Clone Wars just reference Darth Revan?

First, here's a clear look at the image in question from Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 11:

Maul in his mobile prison.


And here's a zoomed-in image from Reddit user u/Master_of_serpents:

See that hooded figure right next to the Mandalorian wielding the Darksaber? Could that be Darth Revan? It's tough to say, though Revan is also usually pictured in a hood that covers his face. We probably won't get confirmation either way, and we definitely don't expect Revan to show up in the Clone Wars series finale on May 4. But if this is Revan, it could mean a major shift for Star Wars canon moving forward.

Darth Revan in a deleted scene from 'The Clone Wars.' (More on that in a bit.)


Let's back up for a minute. Revan was first introduced in the Star Wars video game Knights of the Old Republic, where players could customize how the character looked, including their gender. However, later iterations of Revan solidified him as a male human who started off as a Jedi before succumbing to the Dark side.

Revan was born around 3994 BBY (that's Before the Battle of Yavin, so almost 4 thousand years before Star Wars: A New Hope. As a child, he was discovered by the Jedi and trained as a promising Padawan alongside his friend, Malak. Then, in 3976 BBY, the Mandalorian Wars broke out.

Throughout the 16-year conflict, Mandalore started attacking other planets on the Outer Rim of the galaxy, but the Galactic Republic initially hesitated to intervene. This bothered Revan, who eventually started his own movement to fight back against the Mandalorians. Despite terrible losses on both sides, he ultimately succeeded and saved the galaxy, but in the process, he began to embrace the Dark side and compromise his own Jedi morals.

Revan vs. the Sith Emperor


After that, things get complicated. Revan and Malek decide to investigate the cause of the Mandalorian Wars (it was the Sith, of course). Ultimately, they encounter Emperor Vitiate, a powerful Sith lord who turns them both to the Dark side. Later, Revan's recaptured by the Jedi and frozen in stasis for 300 years. When he emerges, he develops a bit of a split personality before eventually uniting his Dark and Light sides and finally dying. Oh, and his teachings inspired the Sith's infamous "Rule of Two" several thousands of years later.

Revan's never officially shown up in the current Star Wars canon, though he's mentioned in the Visual Dictionary for The Rise of Skywalker. He was also supposed to show up in The Clone Wars as part of a cabal of Sith lords influencing the events on Mortis, which is a mysterious planet that serves as a sort of conduit for the Force.

Why does any of this matter? Well, in a sense, it doesn't. For the moment, Darth Revan still isn't really Star Wars canon, even if he's mentioned in one book and teased in a potential Clone Wars Easter egg.

On the other hand, this could actually be a really big deal. After all, Revan was a huge figure in Mandalorian history — even if he was one of their worst enemies — and the possibility that he could be enshrined on this of Mandalorian relic is the closest we've ever come to making Darth Revan canon.

With The Clone Wars coming to an end and rumors still swirling about some sort of Knights of the Old Republic movie or Disney+ show, this could be a clever backdoor launch. Then again, maybe it's just a fun Easter egg.

The Clone Wars series finale airs Monday, May 4 on Disney+.

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