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Everything we know about Castlevania Season 5

Learn more about Netflix’s violent anime.

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The epic final season of Castlevania is out on Netflix, bringing the story of Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard to an end as they finally deal with the horrors that began after Dracula declared war on mankind for the murder of his wife.

With Season 4 out, the question now becomes, what next? As much as the final season of Castlevania wraps up the story, there are some threads left open for future installments to pick up. With that in mind, we've gathered everything we know about Castlevania Season 5 so you can stop worrying and enjoy the carnage.

Is Castlevania renewed for Season 5?

No. The series officially ended with Season 4, though it’s possible Netflix may find another way to continue this story.

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When will Castlevania Season 5 come out?


Well, considering the show is over (for now, at least) the answer is... never.

Assuming there was a Season 5 in the works, the earliest to expect it might be July 2022 (there was a similar 14-month gap between Seasons 3 and 4) but with production finished, it will likely be much longer before we visit the world of Castlevania on Netflix again.

Is there a Castlevania Season 5 trailer?

Not yet, as Netflix hasn't decided to order new episodes of Castlevania. Season 4 was revealed to be the last season this past April, confirming that the story of Trevor Belmont would conclude after bringing us back to where it all began, Targoviste.

Though Netflix hasn't outright said that Castlevania is canceled, the company pretty much confirmed it by repeating over and over that this is the final season of the show. The story ending with a pretty conclusive and happy note seems to indicate this is the case.

How does Castlevania end?

The final episodes of Castlevania involve Saint Germain (Bill Nighy) being fooled into aiding in bringing back Dracula (Graham McTavish) from hell itself. Turns out, the person aiding Saint Germain, or rather leading him for his own nefarious purposes, was no other than Death, who was posing as a vampire called Varney (Malcolm McDowell). Death was rather fond of Dracula led to lots of, well, death. With Dracula gone, the specter was starving, so he planned the resurrection of the vampire lord.

Of course, Death is defeated by Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage), who manages to stab Death with a special holy dagger in the form of a cross. With a little help from a dying Saint Germain, Trevor throws Death into the Infinite Corridor, banishing him from this realm. Belmont is last seen arriving at Dracula's former castle half dead and reuniting with a now pregnant Sypha (Alejandra Reynoso) and a bewildered Alucard (James Callis) as they set out to rebuild the world now that Dracula and his reign of horror are over once and for all — or is it?

Why did Netflix cancel Castlevania?


Even if Netflix didn't announce a proper cancelation of Castlevania, recent controversy involving writer Warren Ellis being accused of sexual harassment and abuse by multiple women led to Netflix firing the writer from any and all future Castlevania projects.

As for Season 4 of Castlevania, it seems like production was already well underway when the allegations emerged. Ellis was done writing the episodes, all of which bear his name as a writer.

Can there be more Castlevania?

The short answer is, maybe. The longer answer is that nothing has been confirmed just yet, as Netflix has remained rather quiet when it comes to Castlevania recently. Still, that hasn't stopped other people involved with the show to speak out about the potential for future stories.

When it was reported that Season 4 of Castlevania would be the last, Deadline also reported that "Netflix is eyeing a new series set in the same Castlevania universe with an entirely new cast of characters." So it’s possible a spinoff could be in the works.

The world of Castlevania is vast enough to support a myriad of shows. After all, the games jump around in time and change protagonists all the time; future Netflix shows could do the same. Speaking with Monsters and Critics, producer Kevin Kolde confirmed that he’s in talks to continue the story in different shows.

"In the future, we’re definitely looking at continuing the Castlevania universe," he said, adding that this would likely mean a new creative team.

Where could Castlevania go in Season 5 or another series?


It doesn't seem like Netflix is interested in following the specific story that just wrapped on Castlevania season 4, but the final episode does plant a couple of seeds for the future. For one, Death is now an actual villain, and he’s angry. Though Death is trapped in the Infinite Corridor, it's not hard to imagine him escaping and wreaking havoc again.

Then there's the final scene, which shows a very much alive Dracula with his very much alive wife, Lisa (Emily Swallow), now posing as Mr. and Mrs. Tepes. We see them enter an inn in a remote town and just… relax like normal people. Dracula even seems kind of happy for the first time. He even decides to leave his son Alucard alone. The scene ends with Dracula envisioning a bright new future in a different country as he sets his sights on a remote English town called Whitby.

The Whitby abbey is a setting in Bram Stoker's original Dracula novel as one of the places Dracula visits, here transformed into a creature resembling a large dog. The abbey also serves as a setting for the sixth and final stage in the game Castlevania: Bloodlines, which is largely unconnected to the rest of the games. Could that game could serve as inspiration for a future season or spin-off? Maybe. More importantly, it shows that Castlevania is capable of expanding its reach to cover many different locations and even timelines, given that Dracula is immortal and all.

Castlevania is streaming now on Netflix.

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