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Does Black Adam have a post-credits scene? What you need to know (No spoilers!)

If you’re in the theater right now for Black Adam, here’s how long you should stay in your seat after the movie ends.

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The hierarchy of power is changing in the DC Universe, but staying in the theater for bonus cameos isn’t changing at all.

Black Adam, the latest blockbuster in the DCEU, stars Dwayne Johnson as an anti-hero who awakens after thousands of years to free the people of Kahndaq from occupation.

While Black Adam is traditionally the nemesis of Shazam, Black Adam has put the entirety of the DCEU on notice. And as you may have heard, there is a surprise cameo in Black Adam’s credits scene.

But when does that scene take place? And are there any other credits scenes to watch out for?

If you’re reading this, chances are high you’re in the theater right now, trying to find an answer to “Does Black Adam have a post-credits scene?” while Lorne Balfe’s score booms over the speakers. You’re in the right place.

Does Black Adam have any credits scenes?

Yes, Black Adam has one extra scene in the credits. It is a mid-credits scene. There are no post-credits scenes.

Does Black Adam have a mid-credits scene?

Yes, the extra scene of Black Adam is in the mid-credits, and plays shortly after the elaborate end titles sequence. You’ll want to stay in your seats through all that.

Does Black Adam have a post-credits scene?

No, there are no extra scenes after the credits finish rolling. You can start heading to the exit after you see the mid-credits scene.

Dwayne Johnson stars in Black Adam, the newest DC movie with Johnson in the title role.

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Who appears in the Black Adam credits scene?

We can’t spoil what’s actually in the post-credits scene or ruminate on what it means for the future of the DC Universe — yet. Stay tuned for future coverage, as we’ll dive into the ramifications of what it all means later.

Is the credits scene worth sitting around for?

That depends on your mileage with the DC franchise. For what it’s worth, it’s a huge moment that indicates a strong future for DC. While it’s yet to be determined if the box office of Black Adam will guarantee a sequel to Dwayne Johnson’s movie specifically, it at least offers reassurance that the DC film franchise intends to stage a cinematic showdown for the ages.

Black Adam opens in theaters on October 22.

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