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Baby Yoda Theory Undoes Mandalorian Season 3’s Biggest Tragedy

Grogu has been good and deserves a treat.


The Mandalorian Season 3 finale wasn’t nearly as brutal as we expected. Rumors were flying that, because the title of the series no longer applied to Din Djarin alone, he would meet an untimely end. Other fans thought we’d see a noble sacrifice of a Mandalorian, much like how Paz Viszla sacrificed himself in Episode 7.

Instead, the big tragedy of Season 3 didn’t involve a character, but one of the show’s most valuable weapons. It was a sad loss, but it could set up a huge moment in Grogu’s life — and Star Wars as a whole.

In an epic final battle between Bo-Katan Kryze and Moff Gideon, the Darksaber fell to the ground, sparking and broken. It was the apparent end for a weapon that played a role in not only The Mandalorian, but also The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Losing the Darksaber was an unexpected twist.


However, the Darksaber may not be gone forever. The trailer for Ahsoka featured Huyang, the ancient lightsaber-building droid; if there’s anyone equipped to fix the Darksaber, it’s him. Considering Ahsoka appears to be following up on storylines from Rebels, Huyang could be the perfect bridge between the upcoming show and The Mandalorian.

But assuming the weapon comes back, who will wield it? No one defeated Bo-Katan in battle, so it could theoretically return to her, but there’s a sneaky yet obvious choice that would make a lot more sense. The Mandalorian Season 3 made it clear the years Grogu spent in Jedi training had a massive impact on him. He can create forcefields, but he also has the emotional knowledge to intervene and play the mediator, a classic trait of the Jedi.

Despite having left training, Grogu is really coming into his Jedi powers.


It’s looking more and more likely that Grogu will eventually become a Jedi, especially because he’ll be about 100, the age Yoda became a Jedi Master, when Rey’s upcoming movie about rebuilding the Jedi order is meant to be set. If that happens, and assuming Grogu completes his Mandalorian training with Din Djarin, Grogu would be only the second character in Star Wars history to be both a Mandalorian and a Jedi. The first was Tarra Vizsla, the creator of the Darksaber.

If the Darksaber is fixed, then Grogu would be the perfect thematic choice to wield it. Sure, you’d have to trim it down a bit, but imagine the hilt with a dark green blade shooting out of it as Grogu follows both his Jedi training and his Mandalorian family. And who doesn’t want the little guy to get a new toy?

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