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Avengers: Endgame theory reveals a shocking Loki cameo

Loki may not be the first MCU character to cross paths with the TVA.

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The Avengers spent a big chunk of Endgame messing around with time travel, but in the end, it was up to Captain America to set things right. Of course, we all know that Steve Rogers pulled one last trick and decided to stay in the past with Peggy Carter, but what if along the way he had a run-in with the Time Variance Authority.

Set to debut in the Disney+ series Loki, the TVA is basically Marvel’s time cops, working behind the scenes to keep the “sacred timeline” intact. The version of Loki that escaped with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame may be the TVA’s prime target, but is it possible that the organization also has its sights set on Steve Rogers?

The Theory — A new Reddit post from u/Ok_Establishment_326 speculates that Steve Rogers may have been picked up or stopped by the TVA while he was returning the Infinity Stones to their proper places in the timestream. The Redditor even goes on to speculate that Steve will have a cameo appearance in Loki as a direct result of his unseen interactions with the TVA at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Avengers: Endgame.

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There’s a lot we don’t know about what Steve Rogers did when he traveled back in time during the final minutes of Avengers: Endgame — including which timeline he settled down and had his happily-ever-after with Peggy Carter in. So it’s entirely possible Steve could have run into the TVA during his travels in time, especially if they’re as invested in protecting the flow of time as they claim to be in Loki.

The Disney+ show’s heavy emphasis on multiple timelines and time travel does make it — on paper — seem like the perfect vehicle to finally wrap up Endgame’s loose ends as well. The series could conceivably explain what Steve did with all of the Infinity Stones and how he retired in the past without having to go too far out of its way to find the narrative room for it. (For what it’s worth, this also isn’t the first time a Marvel fan has speculated Steve Rogers will pop up in Loki.)

There’s quite a bit of mystery surrounding Steve Rogers’ status within the MCU right now too. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier never clarified whether Steve is alive or dead (or on the moon). Maybe Loki will end up being Marvel’s chosen vehicle to answer those questions?

Where are you hiding, Steve? On the moon?

Marvel Studios

The Inverse Analysis — With all that being said, it does seem unlikely that Chris Evans will appear in Loki. Neither WandaVision nor The Falcon and the Winter Soldier delivered the kind of massive cameos everyone expected them to, which makes the possibility of any major Avengers showing up in Loki seem slim.

Then again, weirder things have happened in the MCU, and it’s not like the two characters don’t have a fun history together either.

Loki premieres June 9 on Disney+.

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